I like to believe that Pharmacy is an exciting, motivating, and dynamic practice. What I know to be captivating about the profession is that it offers a wide spectrum of challenges and opportunities. My short-term objective is to become a pharmacy technician while my long-term plan is to become a pharmacist. A Doctor of Pharmacy degree will grant numerous possibilities for my future that I am excited about. But before I embark on my ten year plan towards my career as a pharmacist, I will first examine my intentions.
My primary interest in the pharmaceutical profession is founded on my wish to have a means to explore my potential to the maximum, to be involved in the enhancement of the health and well-being of other people, and to get educated on the various aspects and topics that are related to health and the human body. My initial liking to becoming a pharmacist came out of a concern for other people. I am the type person that is naturally devoted to care for people and I always have the inkling to reach out to a person who appears to be in need of help. Although I am still in high school and I have not gained any kind of work experience related to health care, I have learned through observation and personal experience that healthcare workers are in the business of caring for other human beings and ensuring their well-being. Whenever I have to go to the pharmacy and I get a consultation from the pharmacist, I get the feeling that they have helped me a great deal and in a very meaningful way because were it not for them, I would not have had my suffering alleviated. The pharmacist gives a patient a sense of assurance and they inspire trust in the patient that the medication is correct, that it will work, and the sickness will be cured. Thus, I would like to become that person who is actively engaged in helping patients get the reassurance that they will be well. To that end, I need to study hard and be serious about my schoolwork.

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To begin with, I will need to graduate from high school. Alternatively, I can successfully complete my General Education Development (GED) examination. While in high school, I shall pay a lot of attention to the science subjects, such as chemistry, physics, physiology, and biology. It is important for me to perform well in these subjects because it will help me to chart a way forward in a medical related career.

I understand that there is a particular program for high school students who are interested in a career as a pharmacist called the Conditional Admission to Pharmacy in the University of Waterloo. Normally, in the undergraduate science, it would take me four years to complete my Doctor of Pharmacy degree. However, with the Conditional Admission to Pharmacy in the University of Waterloo program, I would be able to advance to my third year of university education. I would be required to take all the prerequisite courses in my high school study and graduate with at least ninety percent or more of my six courses. The CAP program is something that I would be willing to consider.

Upon successfully completing my high school education, I will proceed to the University to pursue a four-year Bachelor of Science degree, if I do not do the CAP program. If I do, it will take me two years. The Bachelor of Science degree will facilitate my application into pharmacy school. I will complete at least two years of pre-pharmacy training within that period. The course work that I will undertake for the pre-pharmacy includes chemistry, calculus, physics, biology, and sociology. It will require me to look for a school that offers a pre-pharmacy course because it is not available in all schools. As an undergraduate student, I will consult with my counselors and contact the pharmacy schools that I intend to enroll to check the exact course requirements. So far, taking a Bachelors of Science degree together with the pre-pharmacy training will take me a total of five to six years depending on how I fair in my pre-pharmacy course.

Next, I shall take the Pharmacy College Admission Test (PCAT). It will help in my admission to pharmacy school. Hopefully, it will also give me a competitive edge when combined with my Bachelor of Science degree and a complete pre-pharmacy qualification. When I successfully do the Pharmacy College Admission Test, I will go ahead to obtain a degree in Doctor of Pharmacy. In the course of my study, I will work in pharmacies and hospitals under the supervision of professionals so that I can gain experience and so that my credibility as an upcoming professional will be verified. This brings my total training time to ten years.

After pharmacy school, I will immediately look to embark on working as a pharmacist technician. Pharmacist technicians have an important role in the community by helping the Pharmacists to process and prepare prescriptions to provide medication. Also, pharmacist technicians work in a customer-centric field which is what I aim for. The job is directed at enhancing health outcomes. This role will not only require my medical skills, but also my organizational and communication skills. After gaining enough experience and skills as a technician, I will proceed to become a pharmacist, hopefully with additional training.

I choose to pursue a career that will give my life importance and satisfaction. My potentiality to succeed academically has always been achieved in my life. Hence, I will not stop challenging myself even after I have realized my ten year plan.