Cancun is usually perceived as one of the most common places to go and do tourism in Mexico. As for me, I always wanted to explore the countries beyond the United States as well break the stereotypes about Hispanic people. Moreover, I also wanted to learn something more about the culture which I haven’t explored yet. Therefore, I determined the destination and left to Mexico to spend my spring break.
When I arrived in Cancun, I was impressed by the beauty of hotels in Mexico. A service of a excellent quality was present there from the first moment I stepped into the country. Furthermore, the design of the hotels was impressive as well. Finally, I was totally stroke when I entered my hotel room. For the price, I have paid I must admit that I received an excellent impression of the country. Even though I was told about high crime rates, I never regretted going to Cancun as the beauty and the quality of hotels proved its best qualities.

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No less important is to mention that I was also impressed by the beauty of sunsets in Mexico. The purity of colors and the sky that was just speaking with its beauty to each and every individual who was present at the beach at the moment was a crucial juncture for the overall joy of spending spring break in the country of which I did not know much.

Finally, I was impressed by the chosen location for spring break. Cancun serves a perfect place to spend your holidays during spring break in the undiscovered country by many individuals.

Overall, I strongly recommend everyone to go and explore unknown places during their spring breaks. Cancun is a great place with its beautiful beaches, astonishing sunsets and an excellent service in the hotels.