My vacation in the Caribbean was one of the most memorable ever in my life. This is because I had a lot of leisure through my experience and my interactions in the Caribbean. One of the most enjoyable aspects of the vacation was the manner in which I got massive relief from the activities that had given me a lot of mental stress. The vacation assisted me to go away from my usual routine and schedule to have a whole new cultural and social experience that enriched various aspects of my life. The places and attractive sites that I visited remain in my mind and I have always desired to go back to the Caribbean.
While at the Caribbean I visited various cities in the vacation. I realized that the Caribbean as some of the best and attractive cities in the world. The cities were rich in culture and other social perspectives that I enjoyed in my interactions. Some of the cities that I visited include Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic and Havana in Cuba. I also spent a lot of time in Jamaica at the Kingston and Saint Andrew Corporation where I experience the rich Jamaican Culture in their traditional colors. The Jamaican songs are also some of the encounters I cannot forget.

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There are various attractive sites that I also visited during my vacation in the Caribbean. I had the opportunity to visit the Virgin Islands where I also had a very good experience. The attractive beaches of the Island were also an elemental part of my visit to the islands as I enjoyed the good weather. I was also exposed to the excellent traditional delicacies of the Caribbean including fish. Therefore, my I really enjoyed my vacation at the Caribbean because of the unique encounters that I experienced in my visit.