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Actaeon and Artemis

As Ovid recounts in his Metamorphoses, the hunter Actaeon, deep in the woods engaged in a hunt with his dogs, suddenly stumbles upon the goddess Artemis while she is naked. Artemis interprets this as a form of violation, which requires a punishment. She transforms Actaeon into a stag, who is...

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Prometheus, Bound by Zeus

In Aeschylus' renowned Greek play, Prometheus, Bound, Prometheus is shackled and held by Zeus for disobeying divine order. Prometheus tries to get out of his predicament by justifying his actions and attacking the character and divinity of Zeus. Could it be that Zeus is not the noble god that he...

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The Power of Myth

Part 1 - The Hero's Adventure This episode describes the significance of heroes. The message is to encourage the audience to discover what excites them and to make it the basis their life. Heroes exist in different aspects of our day-to-day lives. For instance, almost every story has a hero....

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Perseus Greek Myth

Introduction A consistent reality seen in Greek myth relates to personal conflict of a very specific kind. As Zeus notoriously pursued mortal women, a number of demi-gods who were less than comfortable with this state of being were born. Perseus both reinforces this and challenges it because he assumes control...

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Origin of Greek Mythology

How did Greek mythology originate and why are we so attracted to it? As Nilsson (3) observed, over the years many experts have reached the conclusion that Greek myths are based on actual historical facts. However, if we were to analyze Greek mythology in relation to other mythological systems, they...

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