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Artemis: Greek Mythology

The nature of many goddesses in myth goes to multiple roles or symbolic elements. The Greek goddess Artemis is an excellent example of this. Strongly identified with the moon, Artemis has a variety of other functions in ancient Greek culture. She represents virginity, the hunt, nature, and is as well...

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Gender in the Greek and Abrahamic Creation Myths

Part I: Consider gender roles as they exist in the Greek creation myth. How do men versus women tend to behave or act? What powers or abilities do males or females tend to have? Finally, what roles do men versus women hold? What does all of these above indicate about...

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The Odyssey – Greek Mythology

All incoming freshman at OSU should read all of the works mentioned in the question. The works of Homer, Hesiod, and Plato provide a great deal of insight not just into the Ancient Greeks but also about the development of Western civilization. Theogeny and Works & Days and Symposium are...

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Iliad Essay

Homer's “ The Iliad” is the story of various conflicts and resolutions. Against the overall backdrop of the Trojan War, Homer presents a situation in which characters make and break agreements, based around particular objects or people. These agreements are characterized as possessing a certain logic, in which a group...

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Neptune: God of the Sea

Neptune was first seen in 1846 by two French astronomers, Galle and d’Arrest, although the planet and its movements had been previously predicted by two English astronomers, Adams and Le Verrier. Both countries claimed the discovery of the planet before it was they settled for joint credit. The task then...

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