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Personal Narrative Essay – Admission Sample

As I’ve entered college, I’ve seen my purpose in live evolve quite a bit. As a kid, the meaning of my life was primarily to be a good child and sibling. I always made sure to contribute to the family, show my parents I care, and look out for my...

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Breastfeeding Versus Bottle Feeding

Thousands of years ago, breastfeeding was practically the only option for feeding infants before they were ready to eat solid food. If a mother could not nurse her baby because she did not have enough milk or because she had died in childbirth, a “wet nurse,” a woman who was...

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Driving Myself Crazy

I could hardly believe, but there I was. Sitting in the weathered brown leather driver’s seat of my dad’s 1998 Jeep, surrounded by the car’s white metal shell that he always kept at a gleaming shine, I felt both older and very young, as I was now in control of...

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The City of London

The City of London offers various attractions to residents and the visitors. The London Eye fascinates while the Big Ben creates feelings of nostalgia among both the residents and the visitors. However, none of these attractions impressed me as much as the city’s art and theatre scene. When I arrived...

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In a Flash: Life Lessons, and Reflections

Sometimes we do not realize how fragile our lives really are. There are clichés that remind us of this fragility, but we tend to dismiss these well-known sayings, as well. One of these sayings would be that “God is watching out for you”, or that there are “guardian angels”; these...

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What is a Narrative Essay?

If you have ever tried to relate an experience to someone else, you have tried some form of narration. A narrative essay tells a story, only in a written form and usually from the perspective of the writer. Often, narrative essays make use of the first person singular pronoun- ‘I' and in some cases, it may employ the third person singular pronoun- ‘He' or ‘She'.

The essay should be able to convey not just the narrator's experience; it should be able to engage the readers. The readers should have the feeling that they are part of the story, the should be able to see what the narrator sees, hear what he hears, feel what he feels and tastes what he tastes. Being able to do this depends largely on the narrative format that the writer employs. Also, knowing how to write good essays is a skill you should seek to build before going to college.

How to Write a Narrative Essay

Just like every type of essays, there is a pattern to follow to write a compelling narrative story. This kind of essay has a structure and style that differs from others. So how should you go about developing this essay?

Narrative Writing Tips

  1. Mentally develop the plot, link the plot form the body and then the conclusion. If you do this, your thoughts will flow easily when you start the actual writing.
  2. It will be helpful for you to write an initial draft. Write as many drafts until the plot of your story is seamless and the grammar correct.
  3. Proofread your work. To do this you may need the help of another person as you may be blind to your errors. Do not forget to use online tools for proofreading and editing, they can be very handy.
  4. Practice they say makes perfect. In reality, it is necessary to practice in the right way, using the right tools. You can only improve in writing when you take advantage of examples of narrative essays. There are a lot of narrative essay examples available on the internet.
  5. Search for narrative essay topics on the internet and try to build your skill by attempting them.

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