The purpose of this paper is to self-disclose and react personally to narrative/solution focused theories. This includes discussing whether or not they have meaning and are relevant to me, and if they can be incorporated with my perspectives on living, learning, growing, and dying.

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Fundamental Narrative Theory
Fundamental narrative theory was established as the use of externalization, which is basically: the separation of us from the problems we have through us seeing our problems as an independent entity. I have found this theory extremely helpful in various aspects of my life regarding human interaction, and it has certainly helped me grow as a person, as I am now able to deal with difficult situations in a more positive light. When I have found myself in the middle of a terrible situation, for example, when this has involved someone very close to me; in the past, I used to carry around the worry and negativity 24/7, and my interaction with the person concerned was based on my anxious emotions, so this sometimes inflamed the situation. It used to affect the very core of my being – I could not get it out of my mind for one second – it gave me sleepless nights – sometimes for months on end, and even when I had my meals, these worries were always continually going through my head. The results of this emotional trauma was very evident by the way I looked and felt. Since the time I have practiced externalizing my heavily negative thought, it has turned my life around. Although I found it difficult at first, as the externalization was sometimes only sporadic, I have now master this technique, and the successful results have been a great relief. And while adopting this narrative theory has not taken away the problem, it has certainly changed the way that I deal with it; and being able to see it as an external event has allowed me to take positive steps to dealing with it the very best way that I can, and as a result I have all my strength to do this as my health is not negatively affected. I no longer have to suffer problem-saturated narratives. This theory helped me to illuminate and identify my resources and strengths, and as a consequence, be able to look beyond my problem-saturated view of myself and my life.

Solution-Focused Therapy
Solution-focused therapy is based on the assumption that our problems stem from human interaction, and that at the same time, solutions can be generated via modifying our methods of interacting within their context. The practice of this theory has allowed me to develop, as it has shown me that I have the means within me to determine how I can improve my life and resolve my problems. I applied this to a work situation where I had difficulties with the management and certain staff members. I worked on highlighting and identifying my resources and strengths, and this allowed me to visualize beyond my problem-saturated viewpoint regarding my life and myself. I was able to visualize positive potential solutions by centering on what was already working, and the way that I would like things to turn out. This meant that I was able to handle the horrible situation that I found myself in the middle of, in a positive and constructive way, so I could continue my employment. I concentrated on small realistic steps and visualized certain behavioral changes that would lead to a good solution.

In summary, narrative/solution focused theories are relevant to my life, and hold great meaning to me. I have used them already to great effect, and will continue to incorporate them into my perspectives on living, learning, and growing.