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National culture

Conflict between Modern ideas Traditional Culture

Culture encompasses belief patterns along with social forms of a group. The group can be a racial, religious, or a social group. Normally, people think in terms of racial groups. However, it can be other groups as well. Some forms of culture such as an ethnic group or racial group...

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Greek Culture and Identity

The ethnic, racial or religious set of cultures in which a person is brought up greatly influences the life of that person. These sets of cultures also largely determine what a person grows up to become in their education, careers, personality traits and other choices in life. Everyone unconsciously tries...

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Influence of the media on Armenian Culture

The Republic of Armenia has a rich and ancient cultural heritage. It is located at the crossroads where east meets west. To the west, Europe, to the north, Russia and to the east and south, the Middle East. It is a place of deep tradition that is currently undergoing a...

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Iranian Culture Vs Maldivian Culture

Introduction The Islamic Republic of Iran is located in Western Asia and is a country of deserts and rainforests. The Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean and is an island country. While these nations have different histories, speak different languages, observe different forms of Islam, and basically...

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Hispanic Culture by Country

Many of the countries of Latin America have something similar with their mother country, Spain. A large number of these countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, and the like all have people who speak Spanish and developed their cultures as a result of the Spaniards arriving in their countries for the first...

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Indigenous Australian Histories and Policies

The Australian Aborigine league was formally founded by William in 1936, soon after his arrival in Melbourne. The organization had its constitution, policies and office bearer where membership belonged to the Aborigine though non-Aborigines could become associate members. Australian curriculum and assessment reporting authority recognizes the importance of the Australian...

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Lalo Guerrero and His Significance in Chicano Music

Whenever people talk about legendary musicians, especially in the modern era, they often talk about the musician’s success in terms of hit singles, platinum records, and ticket sales. However, there are musicians who become legendary for the impact they have on the industry and music in general. These musicians are...

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Women in Hinduism

The story of Ram and Sita, which is narrated in the Hindu epic, is familiar to Hindus and the audience of the film, Slumdog Millionaire. On the basis of this story, Ernie Rea of BBC Radio 4 and guests discuss about the place of women in Hinduism (Women in Hinduism,...

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Hmong in America

Gran Torino is a 2008 film set in a Detroit, Michigan suburb. Walt Kowalski, a retired American veteran and factory worker from Poland, lives in a community that has become dominated by Asian gangs. He is a loner in the community. His neighbor, tries to steal his antique Gran Torino...

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German Culture

Culture denotes the knowledge and traits of a specific group of individuals, described by all things from arts, cuisine, language, social habits, and religion. Germany is regarded as one of the most influential and successful European nation. It is a nation that is well-known for its accomplishments in engineering. In...

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Canada vs. Germany

Abstract Canada and Germany are two different, yet very similar countries depending on whether one reviews the political, socioeconomic, educational, or other aspects of society. This paper examines and provides a review of key journal articles that provide detailed information regarding the population, education, politics, and even education of Canada...

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German Culture, Stereotypes of Germany and about Germans

Stereotypes play an important role in shaping the “big picture.” Stereotypes might be defined as a deeply-rooted image of a particular concept or phenomenon built up on the basis of cultural and historic traditions (Nikitina, Don, and Loh 154). As a rule, this image does not meet the reality but...

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Ancient Indian Burial

The frost on the ground crunched beneath their feet. They left tracks of alternating footprints; one of their steps, the male, had long strides that held up impatiently every few meters, for the frost was crushed from his impatient feet. The other stride was evidently shorter, and the frost was...

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Canadian First Nations Way of Life

One of the most ancient Canadian native tribes is Abenaki. Their name can be translated as “those who come from the east.” The Abenaki nation consisted of two tribes: eastern and western. Traditionally, they would settle down in areas from Quebec to Vermont and New Hampshire. The Abenaki tribe was...

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Changing Landscape in the Representation of Latin Americans

The depiction of Latin Americans in Hollywood movies has been stereotypical and foremost negative since the early 1900s till the end of the 20th century. However, the situation has changed considerably since 60s and 70s, when Hispanic filmmakers obtained a better access to Hollywood movies production and thus also an...

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Caste System in South Asia

The purpose of this paper is to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the caste system in South Asia. This includes a discussion on how the caste system affects people's lives, economics and politics in these regions, and whether I think that there is any type of...

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Chocolate And Vacuum Cleaners: Life After Brexit

Part 11) It is unlikely that British chocolate will be prohibited within the EU after Brexit because British companies do not violate major EU quality standards. The only controversial issue which caused chocolate war was largely about labeling. The European Commission and the majority of Euro-MPs believe that trade restrictions...

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Is Australia an Egalitarian Society?

Historically, Australia has had a reputation for egalitarianism as evidenced by the absence of a rigid class system or structure and a relatively conservative bourgeois materialism. Egalitarianism, in this case, refers to a philosophical school of thought that emphasized equal treatment and equality across political beliefs, economic status, religion, and...

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Culture of Bombay, India: Language, Religion, Beliefs, Values & Notoriety

Bombay, India is a city that is now known internationally, since 1995, as Mumbai, India (Beam, 2008). However, local residents refuse to adopt this change and they still call their city Bombay (Khan, 2016). There are four major languages which are spoken in this city (Advameg, 2017). The religion in...

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Award Proposal

Herein, I would like to explain in detail the reasons for pursuing the Oh Award which is annually awarded by the Georgetown University Asian Studies Faculty Committee. To begin with, Korean culture means very much to me. I was born in South Korea, yet, after I finished middle school my...

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