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National culture

Conflict between Modern ideas Traditional Culture

Culture encompasses belief patterns along with social forms of a group. The group can be a racial, religious, or a social group. Normally, people think in terms of racial groups. However, it can be other groups as well. Some forms of culture such as an ethnic group or racial group...

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Greek Culture and Identity

The ethnic, racial or religious set of cultures in which a person is brought up greatly influences the life of that person. These sets of cultures also largely determine what a person grows up to become in their education, careers, personality traits and other choices in life. Everyone unconsciously tries...

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Influence of the media on Armenian Culture

The Republic of Armenia has a rich and ancient cultural heritage. It is located at the crossroads where east meets west. To the west, Europe, to the north, Russia and to the east and south, the Middle East. It is a place of deep tradition that is currently undergoing a...

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Iranian Culture Vs Maldivian Culture

Introduction The Islamic Republic of Iran is located in Western Asia and is a country of deserts and rainforests. The Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean and is an island country. While these nations have different histories, speak different languages, observe different forms of Islam, and basically...

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Hispanic Culture by Country

Many of the countries of Latin America have something similar with their mother country, Spain. A large number of these countries, including Mexico, Guatemala, and the like all have people who speak Spanish and developed their cultures as a result of the Spaniards arriving in their countries for the first...

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