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National culture

Caste System in South Asia

The purpose of this paper is to take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of the caste system in South Asia. This includes a discussion on how the caste system affects people's lives, economics and politics in these regions, and whether I think that there is any type of...

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Chocolate And Vacuum Cleaners: Life After Brexit

Part 11) It is unlikely that British chocolate will be prohibited within the EU after Brexit because British companies do not violate major EU quality standards. The only controversial issue which caused chocolate war was largely about labeling. The European Commission and the majority of Euro-MPs believe that trade restrictions...

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Is Australia an Egalitarian Society?

Historically, Australia has had a reputation for egalitarianism as evidenced by the absence of a rigid class system or structure and a relatively conservative bourgeois materialism. Egalitarianism, in this case, refers to a philosophical school of thought that emphasized equal treatment and equality across political beliefs, economic status, religion, and...

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Culture of Bombay, India: Language, Religion, Beliefs, Values & Notoriety

Bombay, India is a city that is now known internationally, since 1995, as Mumbai, India (Beam, 2008). However, local residents refuse to adopt this change and they still call their city Bombay (Khan, 2016). There are four major languages which are spoken in this city (Advameg, 2017). The religion in...

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Award Proposal

Herein, I would like to explain in detail the reasons for pursuing the Oh Award which is annually awarded by the Georgetown University Asian Studies Faculty Committee. To begin with, Korean culture means very much to me. I was born in South Korea, yet, after I finished middle school my...

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