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National culture

Cultural Analysis of Spain

Spain is a country in which its people use the Spanish language. The first element of communication is language. Majority of people especially the younger generation are able to communicate in English whereas the older generation speaks only Spanish. In the business world, the executives of companies are able to...

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Anthropology of China: Method of Fertility Control

Abstract To prevent overpopulation in the country of China, a plan was set into motion beginning in the late 1970's to dramatically lower the overall population growth to eventually reach a target figure of 700 million by the year 2080. While the rule of law has been China's primary method...

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Music and its Provision for Global Cultures and Influence

Often, music is utilized as a metaphor for a globalized cultural and social process, also constituting an enduring approach that allows people from diverse backgrounds to interact across cultures. The popular music of this age and time provides a reflection of this modern day given that the fingerprints of a...

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African Society and Culture

In the 20th century, an immense number of African countries were still under the colonial rule. For instance, countries such as Ghana and Kenya were still under the British rule while other countries like Angola were under the Portuguese. By mid 20th century, a number of the African countries had...

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Latin American Music

Music plays an important role in the lives of cultures worldwide. Music has the capacity for more than entertainment, but also for telling stories and expressing emotions. In Cuba, music is everywhere and its influences have given birth to other Cuban music genres and even genres n other countries. Cuba...

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