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National economy

Croatia Economy

It is clear that Croatian Government has been doing a poor job of managing the economy, given the fact that the country’s real GDP shrunk by 12 percent between 2008 and 2013. High inflation seems to be the culprit and might have probably been triggered by an increase in money...

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Global Economy: Effects of Globalisation on China

The paper concerns the information contained in Nancy Bonvillain's 'Cultural Anthropology' which relates to the effect of globalisation in China, in particular the effect which neo-liberal economic policies have had on the workforce in the country. This paper will begin by summarising the information which Bonvillain gives, and will then...

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Venezuela Economy

Venezuela’s economic problems are largely self-inflicted due to a combination of poor economic policy and corruption. The country’s current financial woes are the direct result of socialist and communist policies pursued by former President Hugo Chavez and current President Nicolas Maduro, which involved placing large sectors of the economy under...

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Economic Outlook: India Economic Analysis

Investing on low cost computers in a country like India has its advantages. The country provides a large market for the product and considering that it is 21st century, everyone would want a laptop of their own. However considering India economy, it is best to do an economic analysis to...

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Japan Posts Healthy Current Account Surplus: Article Analysis

Recap the article in one paragraphIn the article Japan Posts Healthy Current Account Surplus, there is a focus on the challenges the country has been going through during the last several years. On the surface, it appears as if the economy is on the verge of experiencing an increase in...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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