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National economy

Croatia Economy

It is clear that Croatian Government has been doing a poor job of managing the economy, given the fact that the country’s real GDP shrunk by 12 percent between 2008 and 2013. High inflation seems to be the culprit and might have probably been triggered by an increase in money...

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Global Economy: Effects of Globalisation on China

The paper concerns the information contained in Nancy Bonvillain's 'Cultural Anthropology' which relates to the effect of globalisation in China, in particular the effect which neo-liberal economic policies have had on the workforce in the country. This paper will begin by summarising the information which Bonvillain gives, and will then...

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Venezuela Economy

Venezuela’s economic problems are largely self-inflicted due to a combination of poor economic policy and corruption. The country’s current financial woes are the direct result of socialist and communist policies pursued by former President Hugo Chavez and current President Nicolas Maduro, which involved placing large sectors of the economy under...

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Economic Outlook: India Economic Analysis

Investing on low cost computers in a country like India has its advantages. The country provides a large market for the product and considering that it is 21st century, everyone would want a laptop of their own. However considering India economy, it is best to do an economic analysis to...

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Japan Posts Healthy Current Account Surplus: Article Analysis

Recap the article in one paragraphIn the article Japan Posts Healthy Current Account Surplus, there is a focus on the challenges the country has been going through during the last several years. On the surface, it appears as if the economy is on the verge of experiencing an increase in...

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Mexico: A Developed Nation

Mexico is a Latin American federal republic which gained independence from the Spanish colonizers in 1810 and has a population of approximately 124 million people. It is a firmly established middle-income country, with purchasing power parity (PPP) of US $ 2.602 trillion, which has been ranked 11th globally. It has...

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Incomes in Canada

Indicative Summary and Highlighting statementsThis graph from Income in Canada (2016) represents data collected in the census conducted in 2016 on the income of individuals living in Canada (Income in Canada, 2016). The data analyses various perspectives, for instance, ranking household incomes according to territories, the proportion of the population...

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Colombia’s Negotiations With FARC and Economic Growth

Earlier this month, Colombian voters rejected a referendum on a peace deal with FARC, an armed guerrilla movement that has been at war with the Columbian government for a half-century. Pollsters had expected the peace deal to be approved by a two-to-one margin, and the defeat by a miniscule margin...

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The Impact of Cheap Oil on Russian Economy

Crude oil is one of the commodities, which have a rare power to influence the global market substantially. Some economists suggest that "the rule of thumb is that a 10% fall in oil prices boosts growth by 0.1-0.5 percentage points” ("Who’s afraid of cheap oil?", 2016). Bloomberg shows that the...

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What were the benefits, as well as the costs of Ecuador’s conversion to the Dollar in 2000?

Different economies from across the globe register different levels of economic performance. This is especially because the different economies have different resources and capabilities. What is more is that they each focus on different core economic activities. According to Jones, (1998) another reason for the considerable differences in economic performance...

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Economic Geography and Wages in Brazil

Inequality is a central concept in economics, particularly in the case of development economics. Brazil is one of the world’s largest countries, but also has one of the highest levels of inequality, which is reflected on both the macro-economic and micro-economic scales (Ferreira, 2010). As such, there is a huge...

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Is socialism responsible for Venezuela’s economic problems?

The question as to whether socialism has led to the economic problems of Venezuela is one that is not straight forward. This paper is based on the thesis that socialism is not the main factor for the economic problems facing Venezuela. Although socialist policies of the country have largely been...

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The Positive And Negative Factors That Have Impacted The African Economy

Over the past few decades, a number of developing countries have managed to achieve impressive economic growth thus prompting experts to wonder whether similar models could be used to help the African continent overcome the serious economic issues that have been afflicting its population since the 1970s. Poverty, political instability,...

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Poverty in the Central Africa Republic

In the Central Africa Republic, or CAR, there are many causes of poverty that are responsible for the lack of choices and opportunities available to its people. Poverty itself refers to a lack in choices of how to live one’s life, a state of insecurity, and powerlessness. There are several...

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Opportunities and Threats in Oil Industries in UAE

IntroductionThe UAE is among the major exporters of crude oil and has the sixth largest reserves of crude oil in the world. The oil industry in the UAE is dominated by both state-owned and major international oil companies. The oil and gas industry in the UAE accounts for over 30%...

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Economic Consequences of Gender Imbalance Ratio of India

India has experienced gender inequality for close to a century. The figures of boys are always higher than those for girls. The main reason for this imbalance is sex selection where most families prefer having a boy child than a girl (Mohan, para. 4). Boys play a significant role in...

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Climate Change and Economic Progress: Sorry, India!

Climate change is the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere. In order for human beings to keep cool, despite this warming, there are industrialized mechanisms that help us survive the heat. Unfortunately, the only mechanisms that are effective in keeping people cool, air conditioners, are also the worst contributors of dangerous...

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Income Inequality: Brazil and The United States

In practically every country across the world, there is inequality of incomes. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. People aren’t earning the same amount, and this causes economic differences. The United States and Brazil are only two countries that have conditions of income inequality. Brazil...

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Economic Development: Brazil

In the following research I would like to discuss the economic development indicators of Brazil in comparison to such countries as Norway and Ethiopia. For this purpose I would like to rely on United Nation’s Human Development Index website. As a matter of fact, I have chosen Norway and Ethiopia...

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World Trade Analysis—Iran

Part I—Country Profile Iran is a large country in the Middle East which borders Iraq on the west, Saudi Arabia on the southwest, and Afghanistan on the east. It was known as ‘Persia’ until 1935. It also borders the Gulf of Oman on the south, the Persian Gulf on the...

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