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National economy

Economic Geography and Wages in Brazil

Inequality is a central concept in economics, particularly in the case of development economics. Brazil is one of the world’s largest countries, but also has one of the highest levels of inequality, which is reflected on both the macro-economic and micro-economic scales (Ferreira, 2010). As such, there is a huge...

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Is socialism responsible for Venezuela’s economic problems?

The question as to whether socialism has led to the economic problems of Venezuela is one that is not straight forward. This paper is based on the thesis that socialism is not the main factor for the economic problems facing Venezuela. Although socialist policies of the country have largely been...

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The Positive And Negative Factors That Have Impacted The African Economy

Over the past few decades, a number of developing countries have managed to achieve impressive economic growth thus prompting experts to wonder whether similar models could be used to help the African continent overcome the serious economic issues that have been afflicting its population since the 1970s. Poverty, political instability,...

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Poverty in the Central Africa Republic

In the Central Africa Republic, or CAR, there are many causes of poverty that are responsible for the lack of choices and opportunities available to its people. Poverty itself refers to a lack in choices of how to live one’s life, a state of insecurity, and powerlessness. There are several...

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Opportunities and Threats in Oil Industries in UAE

IntroductionThe UAE is among the major exporters of crude oil and has the sixth largest reserves of crude oil in the world. The oil industry in the UAE is dominated by both state-owned and major international oil companies. The oil and gas industry in the UAE accounts for over 30%...

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