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Economic Consequences of Gender Imbalance Ratio of India

India has experienced gender inequality for close to a century. The figures of boys are always higher than those for girls. The main reason for this imbalance is sex selection where most families prefer having a boy child than a girl (Mohan, para. 4). Boys play a significant role in...

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Climate Change and Economic Progress: Sorry, India!

Climate change is the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere. In order for human beings to keep cool, despite this warming, there are industrialized mechanisms that help us survive the heat. Unfortunately, the only mechanisms that are effective in keeping people cool, air conditioners, are also the worst contributors of dangerous...

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Income Inequality: Brazil and The United States

In practically every country across the world, there is inequality of incomes. The rich are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. People aren’t earning the same amount, and this causes economic differences. The United States and Brazil are only two countries that have conditions of income inequality. Brazil...

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Economic Development: Brazil

In the following research I would like to discuss the economic development indicators of Brazil in comparison to such countries as Norway and Ethiopia. For this purpose I would like to rely on United Nation’s Human Development Index website. As a matter of fact, I have chosen Norway and Ethiopia...

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World Trade Analysis—Iran

Part I—Country Profile Iran is a large country in the Middle East which borders Iraq on the west, Saudi Arabia on the southwest, and Afghanistan on the east. It was known as ‘Persia’ until 1935. It also borders the Gulf of Oman on the south, the Persian Gulf on the...

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