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National music

Styles of Music of the Arab World

“Styles of Music of the Arab World” is the title of a podcast, hosted by Georges Collinet, a connoisseur of Arab and African music, which is intended to introduce the listener to the diverse, creative and intriguing styles of music that originates from the Arabic community throughout the world. Arguably,...

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Irish Traditional Music Education

The process through which Irish traditional music is taught is in most instances overlooked. Although there exist several research works focusing on formal teaching, Irish traditional music education in informal context is limited (Waldron, 58). It is therefore vital that Irish music educators scrutinize the larger picture of Irish music...

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The Power of Music

The United States is commonly referred to as a “melting pot” blending different races together. However, not all races find themselves “blending” so easily. In her essay, “How It Feels to Be Colored Me,” Zora Neale Hurston discusses what it’s like being an African American female living in the United...

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Bhangra Music: YouTube Project

Introduction Bhangra music is a music genre of rift- oriented popular type of music. It is music genre commonly associated with the Punjabi culture which is one of the unique or diverse cultures across the globe. Bhangra music holds a long history, from the historical background of this important musical...

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Caribbean Music

“Caribbean music in a new mode” essentially means Caribbean music that has inserted other cultures into its style and technique. Moreover, Caribbean music in a new mode is essentially the same old Caribbean music that one is accustomed to hearing but “modified” or slightly changed because the music has now...

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