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National music

Bhangra Music: YouTube Project

Introduction Bhangra music is a music genre of rift- oriented popular type of music. It is music genre commonly associated with the Punjabi culture which is one of the unique or diverse cultures across the globe. Bhangra music holds a long history, from the historical background of this important musical...

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Caribbean Music

“Caribbean music in a new mode” essentially means Caribbean music that has inserted other cultures into its style and technique. Moreover, Caribbean music in a new mode is essentially the same old Caribbean music that one is accustomed to hearing but “modified” or slightly changed because the music has now...

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Utah Music Culture

On an intuitive level, and most likely to an outsider, music culture in Utah will be inextricably linked to the religious life of Utah as defined by Mormonism. Thus, for example, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is a household name and in all probability the first name that will come to...

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Traditional German Folk Music

“Volksmusik” (translating as the “people’s music”) is the name given to traditional German folk music. Prior to the unification of Germany in 1871, the country was separated into different provinces. Each region had its own unique style of folk music. Often passed down through generations, it was composed collectively by...

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Music and its Provision for Global Cultures and Influence

Often, music is utilized as a metaphor for a globalized cultural and social process, also constituting an enduring approach that allows people from diverse backgrounds to interact across cultures. The popular music of this age and time provides a reflection of this modern day given that the fingerprints of a...

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Indian Music

Music from India is extremely extensive and has a lot of genres including classical, pop, instrumental, rock, and folk. In many ways, it’s as extensive as music of the west, and perhaps more when it comes to purity and tradition. Ragas are an important part of Indian music and it’s...

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Latin American Music

Music plays an important role in the lives of cultures worldwide. Music has the capacity for more than entertainment, but also for telling stories and expressing emotions. In Cuba, music is everywhere and its influences have given birth to other Cuban music genres and even genres n other countries. Cuba...

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