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Native American history

In the Courts of the Conqueror

Walker Echo-Hawk’s In the Courts of the Conqueror is an informative and critical look at the ways in which American courts have applied the law on Indian matters over the last few centuries. The author is an expert in Indian law and an American Indian himself. As such, he comes...

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Anglo-Europeans and Native Americans

The interactions between Anglo-Europeans and Native Americans can be describe laconically in one word – misunderstanding, the misunderstanding of cosmic proportions that was rarely breached by the instances of dialogue between these two highly different mentalities, cultures, and civilizations. What is most sad in this entire history of relations is...

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American Indians, Loss and Trauma

The experience of American Indians during the colonial times left them psychologically wounded and alienated, and this trauma was passed over to new generations. First, the experience of violence in the hands of the settlers left many native American dead and the survivors were physically abused. The combination of physical...

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American Indian History article and video Response

Aboriginal American and their history have intrigued historians, from frontier times through the end of the 20th Century. Also, in light of the overflowing of private and public help for the American Indian National Museum of the Smithsonian's, which opened in 2004 over the grass from the Capitol, continues to...

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Are Native American Offending Rates Higher than Average in the United States Due to the Erosion of Traditional Tribal Cultures?

The focus of the proposed paper will be to assess the evidence for and against the notion that Native Americans commit disproportionately high amounts of crime on account of the fact that they no longer adhere as strictly to traditional tribal cultures. The view is frequently put forward that this...

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