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Native American history

Forgotten Heroes of Freedom

The author of the article Forgotten Heroes of Freedom Leon F. Litwack argues America’s freedom native has been written primarily by slave owners, hence, the lack of attention to slave rebels and fugitives in the south. He reminds the readers the usual narrative celebrates those slaves who were deemed obedient,...

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Land, Growth, and Justice: The Removal of the Cherokees

In 1838, there were a large number of Cherokees that were against being removed from their land. The President in 1838, Martin Buren, who succeeded President Jackson, gave orders to General Winfield Scott in regards to the removal of the Cherokees. This order included removing the Cherokees by any force...

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Alison Jane Edwards’ Grassroots Social Action and the National Museum of the American Indian

Alison Jane Edwards’ 2015 dissertation on the creation of the National Museum of the American Indian sits at the intersection of law, sociology, education, and critical race studies. It examines Indian human, civil and cultural rights struggles against the backdrop of the civil rights movement, and particularly the explores the...

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The Long Walk

Among the many tragedies suffered by Native Americans over the course of U.S. history, none may be less well understood and known than the Long Walk of the Navajo. While many Americans are aware of the Trail of Tears, in which the Cherokee were forcibly removed from their ancestral lands...

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The Indian Removal Act

A critical event in the history of the United States was the signing of the Indian Removal Act by President Andrew Jackson in 1830. This event was significant because it paved the way for the American government to force the Native Americans off of their traditional lands. It had a...

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