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Native American history

Educating Indian Girls at Nonreservation Boarding Schools, 1878-1920

Robert Trennert in his essay "Educating Indian Girls at Nonreservation Boarding Schools, 1878-1920" undertakes a significant effort to summarize and discuss the results of the experiment, which was undertaken in the end of XIX century by American authorities. The experiment was aimed at providing new opportunities to the girls, who...

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“A Short History of Indians in Canada” by King

First European permanent settlements appeared in Canada only in the 17th-18th century, whereas Native people had already lived there for thousands of years. Traditionally, it is believed that an interaction between them was focused on trading and friendly cooperation. Still, the consequences of this process are ambivalent, especially for the...

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Indian Removal Examination

Many white people wanted Native Americans to be removed from their land in the South in the 1830’s out of greed, selfishness, and ignorance. The white people did not understand the Native Americans, and more often than not, they had no desire to get to know them. The missionaries and...

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