There is an emphasis in the US on environmental movements and conservation efforts. This is not a recent phenomenon as Native Americans have been cognizant and respectful of the land long before we realized the ozone layer and natural resources were evaporating. Native Americans did not kill any animal they didn’t use for fur or food. They hunted and fished off the land and grew the rest of what they ate, including corn, tomatoes, pumpkins beans and melons. Outdoor activities such as kayaking, tobogganing and canoeing also originated with Native Americans, as did a similar form of sign language that is used today.

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Native American blankets and turquoise jewelry are staples of American culture. Fashion designers such as Rodarte have incorporated beading and fur booties into its collection. Wool blanket coats and intricate textiles have also found their way to runway shows. Headdresses have long been part of fashion and they have been used in Victoria Secret runway shows (Victoria Secret apologized to Native Americans for profiting off of their cultural traditions).

Native American pottery is widely sold in shops around the country. It uses a unique type of clay and painted with special brushes made from dried leaves. Some pots are painted with geometric designs and may have a piece of turquoise embedded. The pottery is recognizable in the color use of black and white.

The National Congress of American Indians was created to come up with principles of tribal governance so that policies can be put in place that helps the relationship between state and federal governments and tribal governments. This has established better communication between Native American nations and the greater American community, as there are many misconceptions about Native Americans. This Congress also helps to protect Native American land and tribes against unwanted profiteering.