The first strategy to be utilized in realizing the success and profitability of Nature Lodge will be research. Through the analysis of our area and customer base, we will best utilize market data in order to ensure we offer what the majority of our customers will want. The best utilization of colors and scents will be consistent throughout the entire organization in order to maintain the sense of harmony, comfort, and wellbeing throughout. We will also arrange the rooms and the areas of living space so that the customers have enough room to truly relax. We will offer activities that will be most fulfilling, while encouraging the customers to get out and truly experience their surroundings.
One very important and instrumental method of marketing for Nature Lodge will be word of mouth marketing. Once customers are able to experience our Lodge, they will not be able to stop talking about it. Through referrals, we will gain a large customer base. We will also utilize a marketing team in order to analyze the best methods at any given time to market our business. One way in which we will be able to effective market our services is through the alliance of other partners in various industries. For example, we may be able to form a partnership with a tourist company if they make referrals to us and us to them. We will also utilize social media, as well as various newspapers, magazines, and news outlets to effectively market our services. Through the utilization of teams and committees, we will find the most cost effective methods that will experience the best outcomes.

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Our customers will be able to not only find us on the internet, but also be able to check in using their various applications. We will also have and Information Technology team to address all the technological issues that will arise prior and after all the implementations. All systems will consistently be up to date to ensure the most productivity all while alleviating the associated costs. Through the implementation of the best software, time will be saved and the amount of staff members needed for the administrative functions drastically cut. The salaries that we do not need to be paying out will thus be saved in the long run. The cost of technology to ensure optimal productivity and efficiency as well as transparency will be significantly less than it would cost to pay all the individuals to manually complete all tasks. The utilization of technology will also lower the errors that take place.

It is not only important to implement policies, but also to evaluate how well the policies are being followed and maintained. It is also important to measure how well the company is doing. This will be accomplished through running reports and conducting surveys. We will ask the customers to complete surveys upon departure and we will ask employees to regularly partake in random surveys to ensure operations are running smoothly. We will also conduct semi-annu7al audits, and regularly run profit and loss reports, cash flow reports, and income statements. Annually, there will be a meeting to discuss what went well over the year and what changes should be implemented to continue toward the road of success. Staff members will be expected to meet weekly to discuss new implementations and goals.

Social Responsibility and the Bottom Line
The company fully accept and appreciates its social responsibility. The entire company is based off of not only providing a luxurious service to our customers, but also appreciating nature and the environment around us. We will strive to follow all laws and regulations. We will further strive to not only better our community but the environment as a whole for future generations to enjoy as thoroughly as we have.

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