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Florida Panther

In the article “Panther at the Crossroads” by Tristram Korten, the author is making the claim that big cats in Florida are being driven into extinction by human encroachment into their territory and we need to do more to protect them. For support, the author points to the record number...

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Colony Collapse Disorder In Honeybees

Introduction This study has the objective of examining the colony collapse disorder in honeybees. There have been extremely high losses of bee colonies over the past few years, which have come to be termed as ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ or CCD. Some beekeepers reported having lost between 50% and 90% of...

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Drought in Western U.S.

The cattle ranchers in the Western U.S. are worried about rainfall shortage Drought increases production costs by forcing ranchers to buy water at costs of thousands of dollars Lack of nutrition adversely affects cattle who produce less milk and struggle to feed their calves This article helps us better understand...

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Four Forces of Evolution

In the 19th Century, the naturalist, Charles Darwin proposed that all species have evolved from common ancestors through the use of natural selection. Scientists recognize natural selection as one of the four forces of nature. The other three include genetic drift and gene flow, as well as mutations in DNA....

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Destination Visioning Plan – Masafi

Vision Upon developing Masafi, it shall have a well coordinated public infrastructure ranging from health facilities, transportation, amenities and services. The amenities shall cause tourism demand to increase and act as a catalyst for economic growth within the region. Private investor involvement will enhance the provision of tourism products and...

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