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Florida Panther

In the article “Panther at the Crossroads” by Tristram Korten, the author is making the claim that big cats in Florida are being driven into extinction by human encroachment into their territory and we need to do more to protect them. For support, the author points to the record number...

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Colony Collapse Disorder In Honeybees

Introduction This study has the objective of examining the colony collapse disorder in honeybees. There have been extremely high losses of bee colonies over the past few years, which have come to be termed as ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ or CCD. Some beekeepers reported having lost between 50% and 90% of...

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Drought in Western U.S.

The cattle ranchers in the Western U.S. are worried about rainfall shortage Drought increases production costs by forcing ranchers to buy water at costs of thousands of dollars Lack of nutrition adversely affects cattle who produce less milk and struggle to feed their calves This article helps us better understand...

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Four Forces of Evolution

In the 19th Century, the naturalist, Charles Darwin proposed that all species have evolved from common ancestors through the use of natural selection. Scientists recognize natural selection as one of the four forces of nature. The other three include genetic drift and gene flow, as well as mutations in DNA....

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Destination Visioning Plan – Masafi

Vision Upon developing Masafi, it shall have a well coordinated public infrastructure ranging from health facilities, transportation, amenities and services. The amenities shall cause tourism demand to increase and act as a catalyst for economic growth within the region. Private investor involvement will enhance the provision of tourism products and...

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Unsuck Earth Day: A Rhetorical Analysis

Kate Shepard presents a convincing argument for the futile and misguided characterization of Earth Day. Writing on the day in question, she seeks to call attention to the increasingly weak environmental movement, by describing a variety of natural disasters and contrasting the modern response to that of the previous generation....

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Conservation vs. Preservation

The example of conservation is the creation of extractive reserves of rainforests. Under the conditions of an extractive reserve, the locals are still allowed to pass into the reserves and extract resources as needed (Text, 231). This includes the harvest of rubber, fruits, nuts, and oils (Text, 231). The harvest...

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The Importance of Recycling

In the global world where large scope processes that determine human lives occur with no or little interference from people, one may wander whether their individual life has any effect on the world and its future. Yet, no matter how distant and independent many global tendencies may seem, small routine...

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Letter to Family Member

Dear (Insert Family Member Name), For the Love of Life by Edward O. Wilson is a piece of writing that contemplates the beauty of life in conjunction with a discussion on what could be in the future. The author tackles the moral question of what civilization should do as technology...

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Bears Ears National Monument

The current administration's plans to reduce Bears Ears National Park, from 1.35 million acres to a measly 201,876 acres (Popovich 1) highlights another attack on not only environmentalist values, but the culture of Native Americans who have long faced similar repression at the hands of the federal government. President Obama...

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Tornado Essay

Tornadoes create a significant risk to the life and safety of individuals in a wide variety of communities. Not only do tornadoes cause a loss of life, they are well known for the ability to level entire communities and create massive property damage. One such tornado is referred to as...

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Cruelty To Animals Essay

At first glance, it appears that no one, except a sadist, would say that they are in favor of animal cruelty. But when we look more closely at how our society is structured, from industrial factory farming to the use of animals in testing on various products, from medicine to...

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Yellowstone National Park

Medical science is much more advanced now than it was just fifty years ago. As a result, people are living longer now and global population has been increasing at a quick pace. When population increases, more of the land has to be converted into commercial and residential areas to support...

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Analyzing Viruses

“I love you” is one the most dangerous virus of 2017. The brainchildren of the virus are two Filipino programmers namely Onel de Guzman and Reonel Ramones. The virus has significantly been used on social media platforms where it pops up and tells users to click so that they can...

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The Effects of Non-native Species in Australia

The changing world has led to numerous developments in the ecosystem. Some of the species have become extinct, while new ones have emerged. The changes in the environmental patterns and ecological conditions leading to the innumerable kinds of living things. Notably, Australia has numerous invasive species that have emanated from...

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Ocean Acidification Effects on Coral Reefs

The transformations occurring in the world under the influence of technological progress change not only the quality of people’s lives making them safer and more comfortable but also the surrounding nature. The chemicals produced by various plants, factories, and billions of automobiles all over the world have triggered greenhouse effect...

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Impure Public Goods and Wildlife Conservation

Introduction Wildlife conservation, especially to help maintain biodiversity, is something that most citizens would likely support, and they would probably spend hours enjoying the animals as they lived and played in their habitat. However, conserving wildlife and providing a habitat for them is not a given, and it requires incentives...

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Idaho Museum of Natural History

The Idaho Museum of Natural History's biggest issue is that people believe it is too small. Overwhelmingly, this was the highest concern among patrons to the museum. In order to address this concern, the museum would need to upgrade its equipment, technology and employee training. One thing the Idaho Museum...

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Plant: Colchicine

Colchicine is a plant that is derived from Colchicum autumnale. Mostly, the plant is called autumn crocus. The scientific name is Colchicum autumnale L. Other species include Colchicum speciosum and Bulbocodium vernum L (Walia, 2016). It is a flower that looks like crocuses, but blossoms in autumn. Sometimes it is...

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Species Conservation in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic

Perhaps the most interesting thing from the reading is the issue of resilience and the adaptation capacity of various sites in relation to climate change, but at the same time maintaining diversity. In this case, the authors also point out that the species on these sites after a hundred years...

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