Advertising involves the encouragement, manipulation, and persuasion of people to take part in some action. The primary focus of advertising is to encourage people to choose certain products over others. For a very long time, public services have used advertising to promote their reputation and maximize their sales. Advertising gives the world an opportunity to know about a certain product or service. However, many undesirable impacts come along with advertising. Since the advertising industry is doing a lot of good to many public services, the industry has been known to exaggerate ads.
In spite of the advertising industry performing numerous public services; simultaneously, the industry frequently interferes with peoples’ lives. The advertising industry for a very long time has been deceiving people and encouraging the spread of the wrong values. Additionally, the social media remain to be one of most compelling and intriguing form of social manipulation. The industry is only concerned with making money. Every public service that is related to advertisement of any kind is pure hypocrisy. The industry performs public services to make money by taking advantage of the ignorance of the common man.

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Many companies have sprung out of nowhere as a result of taking advantage of advertising. For instance, a substantial number of companies in the cosmetic industry use extremely pretty appearances to promise their customers wonderful outcomes. Such ads manipulate people into purchasing the advertised products. However, the reality is that the advertised appearances are not a depiction of the reality. The advertising industry is known to use technological advances to enhance the appearances of their models. Advertising interferes with people’s behavior and gives them unrealistic expectations of beauty. This will force people to improve their appearances further. On the extreme side, advertising will make people suffer mentally and become depressed, since most of them will lose confidence about their appearances.

Companies use advertising to persuade people to purchase their products. The stiff market competition is the main reason why lots of companies are spending lots of money to make their ads more effective and productive. These advertisements obstruct people from making the right choices. Consequently, many people end up purchasing certain products based on emotional responses.

Additionally, the majority of the decision that people make are altered by advertisements. Most people, especially the youth never take their time to figure out about other available options. In conclusion, it is clear that the advertising industry is based on the creation of unrealistic expectation all in the name of making money. Advertising is nothing but just a means of convincing people into buying certain products.