The information Technology department within an organization is crucial in, planning operating and supporting the I. T infrastructure in an organization. Thus facilitating staff to perform their tasks and responsibilities efficiently and in a secure manner. One of the crucial roles is network planning.

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The networking team that works within the Information technology department is responsible for the development and operations of a network that supports active communication. They are also responsible for the deployment of the modern networking protocols that can convey the different voice, data, and internet traffic across all organizational channels. Apart from internal clients, the network team is responsible in ensuring the external clients are also able to access the company resources. This is possible by providing them with solutions such as an efficient and informative website, and also a customer relations software, to relay real time feedback to the organization. Apart from access, the network team is also responsible for providing security to the various channels. Security against malicious cyber-attacks on the network infrastructure is vital, cyber-attacks are capable of crippling the operations of an organization. This can also have a negative impact customer service and speed at which their needs are articulated and taken care of.  The increasing infrastructure complexity demands that network team is always on top of things to ensure 100% availability of secure network channel (Piliouras & Kornel, 2013).

Supply Chain Department:
The supply chain department is responsible for all purchases done for the organization. Some of the tools that they use are used for inventory management, as well as software used in tracking and real time reporting of warehouse events.  Network traffic can be used by video ( To track events in the warehouse), software that captures real time information of inventory, going in and out of the organization’s warehouse. Emails and file transfer functions are key in this department. (Piliouras & Kornel, 2013).

Research and Development Department.
This department is responsible for the development of new products and services. This department works closely with the marketing team to better understand customer needs and how to better improve their existent products and services that they offer in a more economical and efficient way. Some of the applications used by this department could include: CRM systems, Voice traffic could also be travelling in this channel, emails, Video calls could also be conducted as the team has to collaborate with other teams in other departments to gather feedback and assist in research activities (Farr, 2015).

Marketing Department
The marketing department are responsible for promotional activities. Their work is to go out to the field and promote the organization’s products and services, apart from marketing, they also collect useful data and customer feedback. Some of the application they may use mainly involve team collaboration and requirement for real time data capture and exchange. Voice and video calls are made between the marketing agents on the field and other teams in the business hub. Data capture tools such as google drive are examples of the tools that can be used by marketing team. Communication between the marketing teams also need to be secure (Farr, 2015).

Human Resource Department
This department is responsible for recruitment, training, retention and overall employee relations within the organization. Their main goal is to achieve the most from them their employees while also ensuring that the employees stay happy and feel satisfied. This is through offering the employees a good and safe environment. Some of the applications used are emails, HR software such as payroll software to aggregate wages. Time attendance software to capture the attendance pattern of each and every employee. (Farr, 2015).

Network Metrics
Web traffic within the organization may exhibit some certain characteristics. One of them Is that users tend to upload less file sizes which is the opposite when they are downloading materials. With a provisioning of 10 Gigabits of Tier 1 connectivity. The organization is able to dedicate bandwidth across the organizations department. For all the departments, they all had a 3Mbps dedicated Mbps downstream/1 Mbps Upstream bandwidth. The hardware used in all the departments were routers used to access the file servers as well as the disaster recovery site. Which had been connected by a tier 1 Link (Farr, 2015).

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