Communication is a vital aspect that is required when setting up an organisation, especially when the organisation has the need to set up remote offices. Therefore to cater for this need, a reliable hence scalable and secure network should be created to satisfy this need. Certain aspects need to be considered when setting up a network, i.e., the network device configuration. They include the type of network, the routine protocols that need to be followed, potential security threats as well as many other issues.

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To start with, the application of MAN and WAN are the basic and hence suitable modules that are appropriate for enterprises to communicate over long distances. In this QoS, together with the service level agreement and good encryption techniques help to achieve reliable security for data, voice and video data transfer. Basically, in these modules, VPNs over layer 2 and 3 WAN, or full mesh topologies are the suitable modules that help achieve the best security required. Additionally, Cisco ISRs (Integrated Service Routers) can be used by border routers at the branches locations. They provide better security in access to voice and video applications as well as mission critical data. The enterprise supports the monitoring, management and configuration that is necessary for the remote offices.

In addition to the modules mentioned above, the teleworkers module is also put to use as it allows users to securely transmit data packets to small office/home office (SOHO) locations. This module has more benefits in that it provides the employees with a flexible working environment. By use of a centralised management and integrated security, the support cost is minimised and the security challenges and efficiently mitigated. Therefore, this ensures that the teleworkers in these branches can effectively gain access to authorised applications and services efficiently by logging in a secure VPN.