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Network Administrator and Security Administrator

Network administration and security administration are some of the major fields in the current Information Technology (IT) professions. These two fields may seem identical and the roles performed by each field might be confusing. A network administrator is often involved in active duties including, network monitoring, network testing, installations and...

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Network Evaluation

The company this paper focuses on is called John Doe Inc. It is a small-sized business specializing in providing Internet services. The company mainly operates in the home market (the USA). The company can be characterized as a wireless Internet service provider (WISP) which means that it offers its subscribers...

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Network Setup

A wireless connection is required to network the notebooks. This is because, notebooks are mobile computing devices, there, designing and implementing an efficient wireless network within the house will help the notebooks to connect and also share the printer resources. A Wi-Fi or a wireless network is similar to a...

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Computer Networks

Computer networks are commonly referred to as the data networks that are telecommunication platforms along which computer can exchange information and data. The computer networks are established along devices that are technological devices that enhance the ability of the computers to transmit data from one point to another (Wendell, 2010)....

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Network Management System Components

A network management system combines software and hardware that administer computer networks. The components of this system include the “network systems manager, management information base, remote network monitoring, probe together with all the supporting hardware and software”. The Network Manager A network manager plays fundamental roles in the network management...

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