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Network Storage Efficiency

Storage has become the necessity in our lives. Personally, we have to save our documents, such as resume, cover letter, diplomas, certificates, and other references that need to be saved for future use. So for that purpose, we usually use the hard drive in our desktop, flash drive, and/or SD...

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Network Provisioning

Introduction The information Technology department within an organization is crucial in, planning operating and supporting the I. T infrastructure in an organization. Thus facilitating staff to perform their tasks and responsibilities efficiently and in a secure manner. One of the crucial roles is network planning. The networking team that works...

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Network Topology Of An Organization

Communication is a vital aspect that is required when setting up an organisation, especially when the organisation has the need to set up remote offices. Therefore to cater for this need, a reliable hence scalable and secure network should be created to satisfy this need. Certain aspects need to be...

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Network Security Case Study

In the modern times, the advancing internet technology allows credit card holders to conduct online transactions through POS (Point-of-Sale). The clients order commodities across the globe using credit cards. However, this business technology exposes them to security vulnerabilities such as loss of private information to malicious hackers. Therefore, it is...

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Network Analysis

Abstract In network analysis, communication protocols are necessary because they are reusable. Firstly, if communication protocols exist for one system, it is easier to model them to fit others, which saves on effort duplication. Secondly, they promote independent development, which allows different developers to use specific protocols for cooperative components...

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