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Networks and their application

This paper is dedicated to networks and their application and influence they have got upon human lives. For the purpose of this short report, only one type of networks was selected. It is P2P networks. Networks have caused a stir in the technology world. Nowadays people cannot live without using...

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Network Security

Being a chief information security officer, security architect and security director are examples of some of careers majors that are related to network security. The primary role of the chief information security officer is to oversee the IT security departments in different levels of the management. The security architect is...

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Storage Network Association

SNIA is a community that is dedicated to ensuring that networks are trusted solutions across the IT industry. The network has formed a sponsored technical work group such as the Storage Developers Conference and Data Storage Innovation conferences that promote activities that expand on the quality of storage networking in...

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Physical Network Design

Introduction The school is committed to enhancing smooth and uninterrupted research, collaboration, and communication for its staff and students by providing a fast and reliable internet connection of 40Mbps on the primary internet link and a 20Mbps backup link. With a /24 IP address space, the focus of the network...

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Network Connections

Connectivity is the most important trait of any business network. Employees and managers need to be connected to the net, and in some business models customers need to be connected to the system too. For many businesses if connectivity goes down, they are temporarily out of business until the network...

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