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Local Area Network (LAN) Design Considerations

The client for this project is Generic Financial Service Planned Offices. They are planning an expansion that will eventually include eight offices that are geographically spread through several western states. There will be a home office located in Boise, Idaho. The other seven offices will be located in Sioux Falls,...

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Installation methods of a network operating system

Hardware consideration required for the installation of Windows Server 2012/R2Windows Server 2012/R2 has four editions that require different advanced requirements in installations. However, there are minimum requirements that are essential for Windows Server 2012/R2 regarding CPU, RAM, Disk as well as virtualization (Tulloch & Microsoft Windows Server Team, 2013). The...

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Examining a Networks Forensic Evidence

Worms are self-replicating malware that attack a computer network system. When worms infest a computer network system, they exploit system vulnerabilities and flaws to spread to other points. Worms can bring about enormous damages when they infest a network system. They have the ability to install botnets, launch DOOS attacks,...

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Network Technology Use In The Global Environment

Individual actions that take place on a daily basis are now part of a larger global networks that have an influence on macro systems and infrastructure. These larger networks have an influence on what happens on the local network level. To explore this connection, it is important to understand how...

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