Direct marketing canvassers with smart phones represent both the old and the new when it comes to campaigning. There are many strengths to the new technology. Smart phones allow individuals to more quickly canvass a larger area. They allow for real-time data, allowing the person doing the canvassing to more effectively reach those people that he is trying to reach. At the same time, using new technology does present some hurdles to volunteerism. For people who do not understand how to use smartphones and the like, it can be very intimidating to learn a new skill just for the purpose of participating in a campaign. In short, however, new technology can make old methods, like canvassing, that much more effective. The benefits of personalized, face-to-face contact with potential voters is a massively important deal, and smartphones make it much easier.

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Older technologies, including mass media with those big budgets, has the advantage of allowing campaigns to reach lots of people. The downside is that this is an impersonal means of communication. Likewise, it can make it hard to target segments of the population effectively.
New and old can very effectively be blended, especially in regard to using a range of methods in a bigger campaign. For instance, the canvasser who has a smart phone might be able to reach out to younger people, using the new technology to tell him precisely where to go. This would be a means of targeting would-be voters in order to increase turnout, especially among those who are friendly to the campaign’s cause.

Older technology, like mass media and a big budget, might be utilized to reach a wider audience. For instance, it could be used to target older voters who might stay in their homes at certain times during the day. The combination of older and newer technology enables individuals to both cover a wide area and take advantage of the upsides of direct connection in a given district.