A potential new product for Blackberry that would cater to the demographics for Chabot Community College is the introduction on an electronic student planner that will be titled the Comprehensive Planner (Comp Plan) model. The Comp Plan is advantageous to the target market because it allows students to conveniently record and store class schedules, assignments, and related notes. It will be similar to the company’s previously-introduced Playbook, but larger in size. For example, the BlackBerry Playbook’s has a seven inch display screen, but the Comp Plan will have an eleven inch display screen. Similar to the Amazon Kindle, the device will allow students to download textbooks and other books to the device for an easy, convenient, and light-weight method for accessing and staying current with both school and school-related items.

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The Comp Plan’s most attractive feature will be the ability to link the calendar feature directly to instructors’ educational social media online and mobile applications and/or online classrooms. Blackberry will contract with renowned educational resources, material, and textbook providers such as Coursemart, Pearson, and Blackboard to develop apps and coding for the Comp Plan device to ensure students will have full access to online and/or downloadable textbooks as well as access to online course content. Additionally, students will have access to all applications offered through the Blackberry store, Wi-Fi access; and the opportunity to record information in the planners using the touch screen, stylus, and the on-screen keyboard that will replace the traditional Blackberry QWERTY keyboard. For more distinctiveness, seven colors will be available to allow individuals to select the color that best fits their style.

Properly marketing products has been problematic for Blackberry in the past due to lack of support or exposure from individuals in the public eye. The company will monitor social media formats such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to determine the celebrities that have the most influence over its followers in the target market and offer a proposal to those individuals for sponsorship. To ensure the Blackberry Comp Plan is affordable for the target market, it will be priced between $85 and $135, which will be dependent on the storage size and the 15 percent discount that is given to all students.