Fast development of modern technologies has invented new theories concerning the creation of the world. One of the most influential and popular theories has developed into a separate religion – Programmism. The primary aim of this religion is to establish informational peace in the whole universe. According to it, the world is a huge unseen software program, created by three cosmic Programmers, and humans are just machines – “small networked units of hardware running a massive and unseen software program (Eagleman 79).” All people’s’ behavior and decisions are controlled by the Programmers on the unconscious level by means of computational operations. Being similar to machines, human brains notice the slightest changes in the world around and in people’s reactions to them. However, the cosmic Programmers have failed to mention one important bug in the program – consciousness. Because of it, the realization of the sacred aim is at risk.

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In contrast to many ancient religions, Programmism does not have any sacred books; its main postulates are formulated in a manifesto posted on a special website. In fact, this site has the functions similar to those performed by churches and temples: there, people can communicate, ask religious scholars – cosmic Admins – for help, and pray together. Such approach is much more comfortable than the traditional one – people do not have to spend their time on attending temples and face-to-face conversations with priests. In fact, they have contact with their gods at any time of the day.

The main idea of this religion is that, being an element in a huge informational network, each person should be ready to embrace all the impulses sent by the gods and other people and not interrupt the realization of the Highest Will. It is also important to mention that, in contrast to most existing religions, Programmism does not promise people any afterlife. In such a way, it motivates them to enjoy the time they spend in this world. To do it and to perform their initial function, they should suppress any hesitations their mind provokes and commend themselves to the Programmists and to the feelings they experience. In fact, all their prayers have the same aim – to make people relax, forget about their hesitations and bias, to teach them to perceive information freely, and to follow their nature.

Programmistic holidays are not numerous – the Day of the Cosmic Net on which people celebrate the creation of the World that is a huge informational net and the Day of Information during which people adore each other as elements and creators of the Global Information. In order to please their gods, the followers of Programmism should make particular sacrifices every month: a person receives a message from a Cosmic Admin with some instructions. The task of this person is to complete the task mentioned in the letter within twenty-four hours. In case they fail to do it, they will lose the access to the Website for a month. The above-mentioned sacrifices are necessary since they allow the Programmers to control the peace in the world effectively.

According to the history of the religion, the Programmers created humans in their own likeness. Nevertheless, there are no pictures and images of them – this information is sacred and is known exclusively to the cosmic Admins. To become a cosmic Admin, one should gain an absolute freedom from their conscious – by means of meditation, hypnosis, and even some drugs. The moment one gains this freedom, they receive a message from the Programmers in which they inform the person that they have gained the highest level of sanctity and receive the highest price for that – eternal life.