As soon as the new IPhone X was presented to the general public, there was a lot of hustle whether the new phone will meet the expectations linked to the tenth anniversary of the release of the very first IPhone. In that regard, the Wired presents an ambitious overview of the new phone in the article ‘Meet the Iphone X, Apple’s New Hight-End Handset’. The article emphasizes that the new phone contains much more features in the long-term progress, since the first IPhone.

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Although there is a bit of criticism related to the way the new iphone looks, the general overview is rather positive. One of the novelties of the phone is that it is made out of glass and out of stainess stieel, which makes it more reliable and introduces some new features into it. Additionally, the article presents a price range of the new phone, too. What’s more, the screen of the Iphone X is Retina for the first time, and the way pixels demonstrate the image is new, too. One of the most outspoken features of phone is that there is no home button, and through the machine learning some of the other features were unified into other mechanisms, too.

The problem of the new IPhone X is the face recognition. Since this feature was introduced for the very first time through the machine learning, there are some doubts whether the phone would manage to recognize the faces of individuals who usually cover them (e.g. Muslim women wearing khijab). It is likely that users would experience some bugs for quite some time before the phone will work smoothly, too. However, there is no certainty that the issue of the face recognition would be relevant for the IPhoneX.

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