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News Journal

Media in society helps keep people connected. It gives individuals late breaking news and information that only media sources can provide. What would have happened if Americans could not watch the CNN News as the World Trade Center was being destroyed by terrorists on September 11, 2001? While the images...

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The Human Body in the News

In the 2012 article, “Microbe census maps out human body's bacteria, viruses, other bugs,�the results of the five-year study by the Human Microbiome Project are discussed. While it has long been known that untold microbiotic forms of life, such as yeasts and bacteria, live in and on the human body,...

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Corporate News Release Assignment

BP ranks among the top leading oil and gas companies internationally. Their main aim is to provide in as many diverse forms as possible such that the customer can be given a chance to choose what they would want. Their main products are fuel, energy, lubricants and the chemicals that...

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Tokyo Consumer Good Rise By 2.7 %

The international business news of April 24th in New York Times carried the information of the fastest rise in inflation for consumer goods in Tokyo since 1992. The news which was a courtesy by Reuters informed that the rise in consumer tax in Japan from an earlier 5% to the...

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“Why this court term matters” from

The work in this critical analysis is to promote and stimuli critical thinking and writing of a current news article. The ideas and opinions in this paper are solely mine. The news article I chose is from CNN and is a briefing on the cases that have already been decided,...

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News Report Presentation

According to the news, English is the most dominant language in the whole world. For this reason, any news that is to be transmitted internationally has to be transmitted in English language. Other than English, Spanish is also the second most dominant language which should be preferred to Chinese. For...

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New Article Analysis

Inflation is always associated with a sustained rise in prices and in this case, a high rise in prices or high inflation rate is caused by economic growth on most occassions. However, it is important to note that there are some occasions or rather circumstances where inflation can occur despite...

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Yellow Jacket

Newspaper readership has fallen steadily for the past decade. Major publications, such as the Washington Post and New York Times, have adapted their media offerings by shifting focus to the online publication of media. This is a direct response to younger generations consuming less physical media and much more online...

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Mass Media and Audiences

Mass media culture has some interesting sociological patterns that seem to reflect each new generation that it serves. While each mass media technology has had its share of detractors in the beginning, after a few years there will be a gradual social approval of its benefits as larger audiences begin...

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Mainstream News Accounts and Their Relationship to Sociological Research

The article that I chose was "The dangerous Militarization of Our Police" by David Love. In the article, Love recants the story of the 1985 MOVE bombing that happened in West Philadelphia. During this bombing, that was carried out by Philadelphia's police department, over 10,000 rounds of ammunition were fired...

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The Reality of News

An important news story this week is the development of Russia’s possible involvement in the American election process via cyber-hacking, or in a more subtle way through influencing voter opinion on Hillary Clinton—the wikileaks. There are probably very few people in America today who have not heard of this complex...

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Planning And Decision Making In The News

The article highlights the plight of the people living in Bullhead city. The article shows how river Colorado has been polluted by individuals who arrive annually for the Bullhead City River Regatta pirate-themed floats. According to the article, more than 30,000 people attended this year event which caused massive pollution...

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Does Mainstream Media Have a Duty to Challenge Gender Stereotypes?

Ever since the first half of the 20th century, up-and-coming forms of medium have given many talented individuals the opportunity to showcase their abilities through pop culture and the media. From around the 1940’s to present day, the word “media” can refer to a very broad range of entertainment such...

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News Media in Crime Analysis

News media can influence the system of criminal justice to a significant extent. There are comprehensive studies on the impact of news coverage on developing policies and conducting crime analysis and investigation. In fact, some research even supports the view that modern news media contribute to the development of punitive...

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News Media and Social Responsibility

In order to live in a society, a person must be acculturated into the society and its behavior patterns through some sort of acculturation process. This is really a learning process that teaches individuals what is appropriate and acceptable behavior and thinking and what is inappropriate and unacceptable. This socialization...

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Effects of Mass Media Paper

From the early 1900s to today, mass media has evolved in a tremendous way. Back when you can only get your news by waiting for the paperboy to throw today’s edition on your front door step or heading to the local market to grab an issue of your daily news...

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