The elements that led Gingrich and Pelosi to lead successfully in each of their mid-term elections are the firm stance on action for the people, and an unwavering set of ideals or vision and grit. Gingrich came through with like a train ready to overhaul the shortcomings of decision makers that preceded him for the betterment of the average man.

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This was exemplified when he spoke about putting money back into the hands of the working class, and focusing on children, education, and cuts in taxes for the middle class. Backed by his “Contract With America”, a list of legislation to impact the problems facing the nation according to the republican party, he stepped in as house speaker and began to move mountains passing 9 acts in the first day.

Pelosi followed with similar determination and resolve, a mother of five she immediately associated with families nationwide and enabled her to have the trust of the American people regarding her motives. In an act of symbolism and an illustration of her heart, Pelosi ended up breaking protocol and calling up the children of the other representatives at the end of her acceptance/inauguration speech to the head chamber as she dropped the gavel for “…all of America’s children, the House will be in order,” she proclaimed. This act and followed by the respect she gained from her cohorts solidified her image as “…a disciplined but nurturing grandmother…” So through effective political ideals, tactful displays of personality and intentional stands on pillar legislation gained the confidence of the people and more importantly the respect of others in Washington.

The leadership styles that these two moving orators and legislators employed to gain respect and lead came in the form of vision, and composed articulation of their policies and ideals. Gingrich appeared at many rallies and held messages during his campaign and obviously continued to be vocal in his role as speaker. What may be absent in many politician’s efforts today these two clearly demonstrated and Newt certainly had and that is vision, coming out with a program like the contract for the United States put his direction for the nation at the forefront. He believed in his vision and enacted on it, pushing and passing as much legislation as fast as it could be read and I am sure that in some cases even faster.

Being fairly radical or having an overhaul mindset toward the way things are done in Washington may be met with rejecters and objection even from the same party if it was not done with grace. He was able to show passion for the legislative change and retain a calmness to appeal to the masses and preserve the view of his rational intention. Pelosi too engaged in practices that built up her strength as a leader in government in similar ways expressing her vision and confidence in ideals. From the moment she had the floor Pelosi conveyed her intention for the people, to protect those coming up through the nation that government would structure for them. Even by men in her workforce she was described as having a “spine of steel”, standing by her values. To lead there needs to be a clear direction that others can follow and Pelosi is dedicated to being that North Star.

Untainted by dreams of political mobility, this strong woman stuck to her guns and is known for her composure and ability to discuss productively. This has shown others her collected demeanor and offered opportunities to have roles in leading environments, Obama’s advisor Anita Dunn says of her, “…she is not scared to talk about in terms of how she views public policy issues. But at the same time she is never arguing—and she never has argued—that is the reason she should have a seat at the table.” Each of these figures though vastly different personalities have gathered the right skills to gain respect and encourage followers to bid on their behalf, which if you ask them is on behalf of the people.

Between Pelosi and Gingrich there are different aspects of personality that I would personally enact for my own political career. For starters, the fire and enthusiasm that Gingrich had during his campaign proved to be contagious, and its that kind of belief in one’s own program that breeds confidence from others. A page from each of these governmental figures is to show a true direction of principle commitment, moreover to be descriptive and specific not to possibly elucidate political shallowness or lack of intention or purpose.

Gingrich laid out a plan for the nation, Pelosi embodied and openly expressed her views and how those would impact individuals and families. At the end of the day, it is most fruitful to own the personality that others have faith in to get me to whatever point of power I may rise into. Gingrich failed this believing he could say one thing in front of congress and live something else, through talking with his wife a reporter heard her express his callous thought regarding integrity in his position with his values. Pelosi on the other hand is quite open about her real life and how that has structured her legislative values, this has served her giving opportunities to serve on various comities for her frontward voicing and civil response to opposition that coincides with her kind natured but tuff image. Have real values, real solutions, have a vision of what the goal is, and overall live out that objective with a fierce resilience.