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Nobel Prize

The Bluest Eye

“It had begun with Christmas and the gift of dolls. The big, the special, the loving gift was always a big, blue-eyed Baby Doll. From the clucking sounds of adults I knew that the doll represented what they thought was my fondest wish. I was bemused with the thing itself...

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Constructivist View on Alice Munro’s “Boys & Girls”

Alice Munro’s 1968 short story “Boys & Girls” illustrates the gender norms typical in rural families in the 1960s. Munro’s work, concerning a young protagonist whose family informs her views on gender, emphasizes the gender gap between males and females, with females being held to a different standard, not only...

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Albert Einstein Essay

Albert Einstein was a German born theoretical science philosopher and theoretical physicist. He was born in March 14, 1879 in Ulm, German Empire. He came up with the idea of general theory of relativity which is one of the two pillars of modern physics, the other one being quantum mechanics...

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Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech Rhetoric Analysis

The speech, delivered by William Faulkner dates to 1949, the post-war times where appeals were to touch people’s feelings first. Therefore, the rhetorical strategy in the given speech comprises the pathos, which is rather personified, inductive reasoning, which one can support with evidence from the author’s literature and deductive reasoning...

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Toni Morrison Nobel Lecture

What impressed me most about Toni Morrison’s lecture was her emphasis on words capable of oppressing people. Humans have always deployed language for the abusive purposes and insults. At the same time, humans are the ones who do language that fairly measure their lives, according to Morrison. By alluding to...

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