Studying is a process that is different for everyone. Most individuals have a study routine that they adhere to most of the time. For some individuals, studying means putting in three hours of work and then signing off for the evening. Another person may decide to study for an hour, take an hour break, and then study for another hour. Loud music works to motivate some people to study hard and remember, while classical music is the best remedy for other people. This essay will describe the parts of my normal study routine and what has consistently worked for me.
The first step that I take is to make sure that my study environment is conducive for me. I need a place that is quiet and free of interruptions. The way that the location is organized makes a difference. I need a desk that is clear and also has pens, pencils, and paper. Some places that work include my bedroom, the library, or the outdoors, such as a peaceful park. I need to have good lighting and to have some other staples by me, such as water and a snack. Coffee is another necessary part of studying for me. It energies me and helps me to stay alert. If I am outdoors, I like to have a blanket available so I can sprawl out and be comfortable. If I am having a hard time focusing or getting motivated, then I will listen some concentration videos from You Tube or put on some classical music. Then, I am prepared to start the studying process.

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One of the next things that I do when I am getting ready to study is to re-read my class notes that I have taken from lectures. There are usually some things that need to be clarified and rewritten to make more sense. Other parts of my notes may need to be made more complete or researched. Some of the time, I also rewrite my notes. I use underlining, bolding, or italics to make certain phrases stand out and also cross out information that is not needed or I cannot understand. Any reading that I need to do in a textbook or other books is done in an organized way. For instance, if I need to read Chapter 5, then I will skim the entire chapter and look for key words, definitions, and bolded words, so that I get an idea of what I will be reading in advance. In some cases, I will also write some ideas and study notes on flashcards. My routine also consists of writing notes and answering the questions that are in the chapter review sections.

Something that I have learned about studying is that it is very important to give myself breaks and not to overwork my brain. I usually study for a half hour and then take a short five-minute break. During this break, I will take a brief walk, grab a snack, or get something to drink. If I am studying longer than 3 hours, I will take a longer break of at least 15 minutes. My mind works better if it is refreshed. Doing some stretching and making sure to wear comfortable clothes also helps me to stay focused on the task at hand.

My normal study routine consists of taking breaks, using my notes to my advantage, and reading through course material in advance to get a better grip on it. Flashcards, pens, and paper are tools for my studying. Rewriting my notes is also part of my study plan. The environment that I use is also important, as it must be quiet, well-lit, and organized. All of these elements comprise my normal study routine.