Why have you chosen this academic program?I wish to pursue this academic program as it will no doubt benefit me greatly for my future career. I recently graduated with a BSc in Mathematics from the Midlands State University. And am also currently taking my CT1 and CT3 in Actuarial Science. The four – year- long study laid a solid foundation in mathematics for me. The pleasure I got from studying has made me decide to advance in mathematics and to be specific, in the study of Financial and Computational Mathematics. The program will help me achieve my career of being a credit analyst in the finance industry.

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Why have you chosen to study at Nottingham?
The University of Nottingham is a recognized and reputable university that offers International Students such as I a chance to study and progress on with their education. The University has won acclaim from professional bodies across the world. Apart from that, the university’s School of Mathematical Sciences is governed by a committed teaching staff that provides quality learning. The school is also one of the most highly ranked Mathematics schools as well. Studying in such a first-class mathematics program has always been my dream. I choose to study in Nottingham for its stimulating and beautiful environment too.

Why should the panel select you for this scholarship?
I have always aspired to study at the University of Nottingham. I never got a chance to study my bachelor’s program there, but I believe now I have been awarded an opportunity to fulfill my dream through this scholarship program. I also consider this scholarship as an investment for my future as I wish to progress with my studies, but I currently face financial difficulties. I have not won any academic prizes nor had any publications. But I believe Nottingham will help me achieve my first academic prize. I have worked as an enumerator at Zimstat where I collected household and demographic information and appropriately documented and reported the results.

Are you currently employed/working?
I am currently a Pensions Administrator of Old Mutual Zimbabwe where I have been working since October 2015. My responsibilities include data capturing, data clean-up, client-tracing, responding to queries and problem solving.

How will this scholarship benefit you and your country?
The scholarship will be beneficial to me as it will help me achieve my career objectives of being a credit analyst. Zimbabwe will benefit from the scholarship as I plan on joining the financial industry to properly manage the country’s debt burden and also create ways of improving the country’s currency value.

On completion of your postgraduate course, what do you plan to do?
Work in home country

Tell use more about your future career ambitions
After graduation, I plan to find a job as a credit analyst in a financial institution. Apart from that, I wish to be a commercial lender that I will achieve using my computer background, skills in effective communication skills and customer services. From there on I plan and wish to join the Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Finance where my primary objective will be looking for means of improving the country’s currency value. I believe the economic crisis facing the country can only be achieved with a proper management of the finances.