NSTIC blog aids in greater information sharing by serving as a platform for information sharing with the general public
Allows key communication between public and citizenry in order to gain awareness of the efforts made by NSTIC
Details the benefits to national security and other aspects of public safety
Prevents any confusion that can arise out of misinformation in public sphere towards the goals of NSTIC
NSTIC allows for awareness in the public and private sphere benefits to security and online privacy that can be achieved through the project
NSTIC is the key towards a safer Internet for all Americans, as it prevents the misuse of personal identification online.
Important to continue inform American populace towards the progress and achievements of the project

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9/11 Commission:

The 9/11 Commission has served a valuable role in ensuring that the American people are protected against terrorism and that the tragic events of September 11 will never be repeated.
To ensure the protection of our nation, the 9/11 Commission has development new standardized processes, policies, and technologies that improve our ability to proactively identify terrorist behavior and transmit this information to the proper authorities.
Furthermore, the Commission has furthered the goal of creating collaboration and communication across all levels of government, as well as the private sector, to ensure the safety of our country.

9/11 Commission:

The members of the 9/11 Commission have continued their important work in national security by developing a comprehensive system for the analysis of the current national security framework and assessing the threats that the nation current faces due to homegrown and foreign-trained extremists.

As such, the Commission has significantly increased the preparedness of the various agencies involved in public safety by maintaining an up-to-date appraisal of the current landscape and setting recommendations for numerous agencies involved in the process of national security and overall public safety.

Standards Coordinating Council:

The Standards Coordinating Council has continued to serve as a critical advisory board for national security,
Its members have ensured that information sharing continues to follow appropriate standards and maintains a responsibility to guide needed information into the hands of public safety agencies
Continues to develop new opportunities for information sharing and understanding issues faced by different agencies
Coordinates efforts amongst private/public sector to ensure all stakeholders are accounted for in the information sharing environment

Annual Report:
Annual report has demonstrated that the ISE has made significant progress in its goals towards collaboration and accountability
Agency is driven to meet the 2012 goals set out in Presidential strategy
Significant progress has been made since 9/11 and our national security apparatus has never been interconnected and focused on collaboration as now
Ensured that reporting mechanisms and databases are unified into a single system for analysis
Prevents the overlaps in authority that lead to inaction
Deployment of Terrorist Encounter Reporting Application
Continues to seek opportunity in improving standard interagency governance processes and develop consistency in information sharing within the information environment