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Nuclear Power

Inside Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown

Few hours after the disaster of the Fukushima nuclear, the fate of thousands of the lives of Japanese citizens was in the hands of Corps, few engineers, firemen, and few soldiers. These people risked their lives to prevent a complete meltdown of the nuclear plant. The frontline inside Japan’s nuclear...

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Introduction to Nuclear Engineering

Einstein’s infamous Theory of General Relativity paved the way for tremendous scientific progress including nuclear science. There are alternative sources of clean energy such as solar and wind, too but they cannot meet our energy needs due to input constraints. The solar energy depends upon the sun and the sun...

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The Desire for Nuclear Weapons

Since the Soviet Union dissolved several decades ago, one of the most prominent foreign-policy aims of powerful countries has been to constrict the spreading of nuclear weapons worldwide. When such leading powers possess the nuclear power, or when they are even allied with nuclear-possessing states, they have the power to...

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There is No Utility in Having Nuclear Weapons in Our Cyber Age

If the point of having nuclear weapons is to gain international power, then it is an old way of going about getting international power. Also, a sloppy way to get power, considering that much more damage can be done online while sparing the world universal destruction. There is no utility...

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Nuclear Energy in Florida

Nuclear power has traditionally provoked a lot of criticism as to the possible health risks, security threats, and financial costs. At the same time, supporters of nuclear energy find their arguments in considerations of climate change and energy security. The benefits that nuclear plants bring are manifold and should be...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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