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Nuclear Power

The Atomic Bomb: Why and How

The question of why the atomic bomb was developed can be extremely tricky to answer. Some would say it was for military reasons, while others would say it was for political dominance during a time of uncertainty. Still, there are others who would say it was developed for a combination...

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Atomic Bomb

History of any country and particularly the history of the United States of America is full of events, which seem to be the turning points, the points of no return. They particularly appear to be such during the time of their happening. As the events take place they seem to...

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Atomic Bomb Document Based Essay

The decision of the USA to drop bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki remains one of the most debatable topics in the history of the Second World War. Even though the event took place more than half a century ago, there is still no consensus as to whether it can be...

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An Historical Analysis Of The Dropping Of The Atomic Bomb

The first time in history when an atomic bomb was used in war was on the 6th of August 1945 on Hiroshima Japan . Given the name the “little boy,” the bomb was dropped by the US with an aim to convince Japan to surrender, and in the process, over...

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The International System Would Not Be Safer if More States Had Nuclear Weapons

In the twenty-first century, the role of nuclear weapons has been rather controversial. On the one hand, during the Cold War, a certain level of stability was achieved. Many argue that this stability can be sustained if the number of nations owning nuclear weapons rises. On the other hand, making...

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Nuclear Waste: Government Interventions and Yucca Mountain

The contentious issue of nuclear waste is quite literally an issue that will not simply go away. The government is spending billions of dollars on testing for the safest way to repose the nation’s nuclear waste, but these billions have not yielded any definitive answer. The problem with the government’s...

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Nuclear Mishap

Along with the improvement of the quality of people’ lives, industrialization and the development of science and technologies have also brought many risks for the humanity. One of the most dangerous among them is the threat of a nuclear mishap that can have tragic consequences for the whole world. The...

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Nuclear Energy

Energy is one of the basic commodity that is required by the modern civilization to run on. The industrial revolution and the rapid growth of the economy has led to increased demand for more energy. There is an increased demand for energy in various sectors of the economy such as...

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Nuclear Bombs

Nuclear bombs, despite their massive power and ability to destroy entire cities, hold an almost normal position in the conscious of the contemporary world citizen. The average person in today’s world knows that numerous countries hold nuclear weapons, understands the power of nuclear weapons, and accepts that nuclear weapons are...

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Iran Nuclear Deal

Contemporary geopolitics is significantly shaped by nuclear programs of individual countries, which often cause international concern due to the shifting power and potential political and military crises. Iran Nuclear Deal, also known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), was an attempt to reduce the threat of increasing nuclear...

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I am become death, destroyer if worlds

Although steps have been made to reduce the number of viable nuclear weapons, more work should be done to ensure all countries abandon nuclear weapons completely. The process of reducing the number of nuclear weapons at-the-ready is called nuclear disarmament, with the ideal end result being a nuclear-free world. Proponents...

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Environment and Nuclear Proliferation

The rise of nuclear proliferation is what ultimately paved the way for the Cold War. Several nations suddenly found themselves with the unprecedented power to completely annihilate whole cities and countries with a single bomb. This thrusted the world into a new nuclear age where these weapons turned into bargaining...

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