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Nurse Practitioner

Family Practitioner Nurse Practitioner Role

This paper provides an overview of the family nurse practitioner role. The family nurse practitioner role provides a wide range of services making this an appealing option for the master student. The clinical and the non-clinical path enjoy many similarities. The clinical and non-clinical family nurse practitioner will engage in...

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Nurse Practitioner to Improve Outcomes for Geriatric Patients

Emergency care is one of the key areas of concern when it comes to geriatric patients. On the one hand, elderly patients are more vulnerable to the risks of hospitalization and hospital readmission due to their age. On the other hand, the emergency care delivered to this group of patients...

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Ethics in Nursing: The Role of Right and Wrong in the Health Care Profession

Ethics, the concern over right and wrong, is a major part of the nursing profession. Nurses care for the lives of countless of patients, everyday and everywhere, and this important job requires that countless of decisions be made. A lot of these decisions are a matter of life and death,...

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Nursing Theory Application

The importance of nursing theory to the nursing profession is extensive because it presents the scientific base of the respective profession and organizes the way in which nurses deliver health care services to patients. Nursing theory in the case of a mother who has delivered a stillborn child should focuse...

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Family Nurse Practice: Current And Future Challenges And Opportunities

Numerous advancements ranging from engineering marvels to novel products in the field of medicine, among other advances, have greatly and positively impacted modern society especially in relation to enhancement of people’s lives. Consequently, this has led to increased income levels where people can afford specialized healthcare services as well as...

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