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Family Practitioner Nurse Practitioner Role

This paper provides an overview of the family nurse practitioner role. The family nurse practitioner role provides a wide range of services making this an appealing option for the master student. The clinical and the non-clinical path enjoy many similarities. The clinical and non-clinical family nurse practitioner will engage in...

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Nurse Practitioner to Improve Outcomes for Geriatric Patients

Emergency care is one of the key areas of concern when it comes to geriatric patients. On the one hand, elderly patients are more vulnerable to the risks of hospitalization and hospital readmission due to their age. On the other hand, the emergency care delivered to this group of patients...

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Ethics in Nursing: The Role of Right and Wrong in the Health Care Profession

Ethics, the concern over right and wrong, is a major part of the nursing profession. Nurses care for the lives of countless of patients, everyday and everywhere, and this important job requires that countless of decisions be made. A lot of these decisions are a matter of life and death,...

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Nursing Theory Application

The importance of nursing theory to the nursing profession is extensive because it presents the scientific base of the respective profession and organizes the way in which nurses deliver health care services to patients. Nursing theory in the case of a mother who has delivered a stillborn child should focuse...

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Family Nurse Practice: Current And Future Challenges And Opportunities

Numerous advancements ranging from engineering marvels to novel products in the field of medicine, among other advances, have greatly and positively impacted modern society especially in relation to enhancement of people’s lives. Consequently, this has led to increased income levels where people can afford specialized healthcare services as well as...

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Issue in Nursing Practice

Clinical education remains one of the vital areas that facilitate the determination of the significance of a student’s performance in clinical settings-such as clinical wards, patients, staff and nursing instructors (Dadgaran et al., 2012).Nonetheless, the theory-practice gap has been an issue of concern among nursing students in clinical learning. In...

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Critique of “Nurses’ Scope of Practice and the Implication for Quality Nursing Care”

Professional, peer-reviewed journal articles on topics such as scope of practice and clinical application of nursing theory are particularly valuable to nursing students, ancillary medicine students, and professionals in both fields. “Nurses’ Scope of Practice and the Implication for Quality Nursing Care” by Irene Lubbe and Lizeth Roets is one...

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Doctor of Nursing Practice

The medical field has limitless knowledge whereby acquisition of one level of medical skill spills over to another level of study. The need to pursue Doctor of Nursing Practice in healthcare was built after I acquired my first degree in medical field with a specialization in the oncology field. I...

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Influences of Social Political and Economic Changes on Domains of Nursing Practice

Modern nursing practice is impacted by changes occurring throughout society across different domains, including but not limited to social, political, and economic influences. Therefore, flexibility and adaptability are necessary to demonstrate the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of nursing and healthcare practice across different areas. Nurses must continuously...

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Independent Work for the Nurse Practitioner

Missouri is currently facing a shortage of primary care physicians. According to the Missouri Foundation for Health (2011), Missouri had only 116 primary care physicians per 100,000 individuals, compared to 128 physicians per 100,000 for the United States overall. Coupled with this is the fact that approximately 40% of Missouri’s...

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Research Process for Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) are registered nurses (RN) who serve as health care providers in specialty or primary care with the oversight of a doctor (MD). Think of a family physician and one may get the idea of what a family nurse does. Family Nurse Practitioners assist patients at a...

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Primacy of Caring

The model of Dr. Patricia Benner implies that nurses develop their skills and expertise over time through building up their educational base and gaining more experience of interaction with diverse patients in different contexts. Some professional experiences can be so significant and insightful as to transform the outlook of nurses...

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Transforming Evidence Into Practice

With the growing scope of the diabetes problem, questions arise as to how nurses could assist patients with diabetes in maintaining an adequate level of health and wellbeing. The PICOT question developed for this work is "Does nurse-provided telephone support in elderly diabetic patients improve consistency in maintaining glucose levels...

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Translating Evidence Into Practice

It is vital to state that the identification of a research problem leads to the formulation of a research question, which is key to investigating a particular phenomenon (Maidl, Leske & Garcia, 2014). Although it is difficult to identify a clinical research question, this paper has developed one regarding the...

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Effective Level of Evidence

In determining the best practices to be adopted in nursing practice, there are various factors that are taken into consideration. This is because various sources of information are attributed to various levels of evidence. It is important to determine the credibility of the information because it is applied as part...

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Root Cause Analysis

Any facility that is accredited by the Joint Commission must conduct a root cause analysis (RCA) in the case of a sentinel event. According to the Joint Commission (2013), a sentinel event is “is an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof.” In...

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

The specific theorist that I identify with is Florence Nightingale. This is because I believe that the patient environment is important in management of patient’s health. There are different environmental factors that may affect health including pure water, fresh air, efficient drainage, sufficient food supplies, light and general cleanliness of...

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Nurse Mentoring

Nurse retention focuses on ensuring that nurses remain in an organization’s employment by preventing their turnover. Retention of nurses results in low nurse turnover costs such as advertising and recruitment, decreased productivity, and orientation and training costs. Mentoring is one of the ways of the various ways through which the...

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Mentorship in Nursing

Of the many factors that contribute to the rising cost of healthcare, recruitment and training adequate nursing staff could be reduced by implementing strategies to increase the retention rate (Jones, 2017). According to Schroyer, Zellers, and Abraham (2016) a facility spends thousands of dollars on each new hire from the...

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Impact of Opening Visitation Access

In the article ‘The Impact of Opening Visitation Access on Patient and Family Experience,’ Nuss et al explore the role that can be played the family members in the healthcare activities. The authors indicate that one of the most realistic ways through which family participation can be promoted in healthcare...

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