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Nurse Practitioner

Root Cause Analysis

Any facility that is accredited by the Joint Commission must conduct a root cause analysis (RCA) in the case of a sentinel event. According to the Joint Commission (2013), a sentinel event is “is an unexpected occurrence involving death or serious physical or psychological injury, or the risk thereof.” In...

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Personal Philosophy of Nursing

The specific theorist that I identify with is Florence Nightingale. This is because I believe that the patient environment is important in management of patient’s health. There are different environmental factors that may affect health including pure water, fresh air, efficient drainage, sufficient food supplies, light and general cleanliness of...

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Nurse Mentoring

Nurse retention focuses on ensuring that nurses remain in an organization’s employment by preventing their turnover. Retention of nurses results in low nurse turnover costs such as advertising and recruitment, decreased productivity, and orientation and training costs. Mentoring is one of the ways of the various ways through which the...

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Mentorship in Nursing

Of the many factors that contribute to the rising cost of healthcare, recruitment and training adequate nursing staff could be reduced by implementing strategies to increase the retention rate (Jones, 2017). According to Schroyer, Zellers, and Abraham (2016) a facility spends thousands of dollars on each new hire from the...

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Impact of Opening Visitation Access

In the article ‘The Impact of Opening Visitation Access on Patient and Family Experience,’ Nuss et al explore the role that can be played the family members in the healthcare activities. The authors indicate that one of the most realistic ways through which family participation can be promoted in healthcare...

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