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Every Nurse is an HIV Nurse

HIV is a fairly new disease, having first appeared at the end of the 1970’s. Because of this, humans have had a very short time to learn how to cope with and prevent the spread of the virus. Because of this, treatment was initially scarce, causing over half of all...

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Shortage of Nurses Paper

Nurses are essential members of the health care community because they are involved in the admintration and delivery of advanced clinical practices to people. However, the shortage of nurses is one of ten biggest challenges affecting the healthcare industry. The shortage of nurses is characterized by the lack of a...

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Nurse Manager Interview

Mary, a nurse manager at a community clinic for sexual health, described grants as a blessing and a curse. While they provide core funding without which the clinic could not operate, they can make for difficulties in aligning budget needs with grant requirements. From Mary’s perspective, financial management was more...

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Being A Nurse

Becoming a nurse and working in the field of nursing is very important to many doctors and hospitals, the fact that these nurses can help individuals get well and become better is something that can give others a drive to have a passion of becoming a nurse. There are many...

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Impaired Nurses

The two overarching themes related to the chemical dependence of the male nurses were related to ‘person’ (which is to say the individual) and the profession (which is to say how their roles as nurses and the nursing profession itself contributed). Two factors which related to the work habits of...

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