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Why do I want to become a nurse?

Many people would rather choose to become a doctor than a nurse. Why? Doctors take charge of a patient’s case, while nurses assist. Doctors earn more money than nurses. To me, I would rather choose to become a nurse. I want to be the immediate person to take care of...

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Comparison of Nurse Roles and Patient Quality

Creation of the nurse leader role resulted in improvement in Hospital Consumer Assessment Provider and Systems (HCAHPS) scores (Hilton, 2014) without the need to hire external staff. However, with this role there may be a need to hire from an external pool of the assigned clinical nurse leader were to...

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Nursing Theorist Jean Watson

It is remarkable to consider how, a century after Nightingale defined nursing as the caring and skilled profession it must be, a need arose for another nurse theorist/leader to reaffirm these basic values. This is the achievement of Jean Watson who, beginning in the 1970s, emphasized the humane values innate...

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Nursing Administrator

The demand for nurses is growing in response to an increasing patient load resulting from the Affordable Care Act and mandated health insurance. Consequently, nurses are stressed, and the retention of registered nurses (RNs) in the industry has decreased. Many nurses blame the relationship or behaviors of their nursing administrator...

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Foreign-Born Nurses in the US Labor Market

The paper draws its inspiration from the issue of nursing shortages that has been a major point of concern for the entire US health care system during the last 20-30 years. Schumacher explores one the implications of the policy of the importation of nurses from other countries: differences between foreign...

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