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Nurse Administrators and Change Management

Nursing administrators are responsible for excellence in the management of people, capital, financial flows and other aspects and processes of the systems which support patient care in the health care setting (Schuettner et al., 2015). To that end, the nurse administrator is a role model who sets to example, the...

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Nurse Interview Assignment

From the research study that I conducted, I ran into two interviewees; Brenda Pierre and Felicia Kima. Felicia Kima is a registered nurse who works at the Lakes Care Center. Her telephone contact is 404 825 1123. She studied and qualified as a licensed practical nurse from Platt College, Moore...

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Nurse Incivility

Clinical Question Nurse incivility or horizontal violence remains a serious issue in nursing practice. It embodies a diversity of workplace behaviors, including bullying, scapegoating, sabotage, undermining activities, verbal affront, and physical violence (Lasater, Mood, Buchwach, & Dieckmann, 2015). Thousands of nurses in the U.S. face verbal abuse and physical violence...

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Nurse Sensitve Indicators

Nurses are the cornerstone for the care and treatment of patients during a hospital stay. The quality of nursing care is an important factor in determining whether or not a patient has a good experience during his/her illness and can potentially impact the medical outcome. Because of the importance of...

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Nursing in Nigeria

Nurses bear a huge responsibility for helping to guide the caring process. People hold to various beliefs and attitudes regarding health and wellness, death and dying, mental illness, elderly care, as well as diet and nutrition. Whatever the belief, the main goal is to provide adequate care. Typical patterns of...

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