Nursing is a fast growing profession. The development of my interest was motivated by the recognition of the developments in the profession. Nurses are highly involved in attending to patients with various diseases. The prospect of choosing this field has also been enhanced by the different motivations and experiences that I have had in life. These experiences have made me hardworking, confident and determined as an individual in my definitive career objective of becoming a professional nurse. Acquiring a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing can give me the skills and knowledge in that can assist me promote the diversity of the nursing profession.

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I will use my clinical practice expertise in order to promote the acquisition of an inclusive image in the profession. In my capacity as a healthcare service provider and administrator, I will promote an environment that embraces cultural competency by creating an atmosphere that recognizes all social groups in the community. This can be enhanced through promoting the recruitment of staff members from all social and cultural backgrounds to the organization. My concentration will be to recognize the social groups that are underrepresented in the community and the underprivileged. Internal representation of these groups within the organizations will appeal the community and engage their attitudes in service delivery initiatives.

The degree will assist in acquiring sufficient expertise in nursing leadership and administration. I will use the education to promote the acquisition of cultural diversity in the health organizations by promoting continuous educational and professional development among the other staff members. The progressive development can be acquired through facilitating strategic training sessions and seminars for the staff members. Improving their skills will expose the staff members to the required educational standards. The educational will also assist them understand the cultural development and evolutions that have occurred in the society. Understanding the cultural progressions will assist the experts in devising ways of meeting the patient of the needs.

In preparing myself for the challenging role of becoming a professional nurse, I want to further my skills and knowledge and also acquire the competence to mentor my professional colleagues. Acquiring a BSN degree in your institution will be a big step towards achieving my goals and objectives. To affirm my interest in developing my career as a nurse, a degree in nursing will equip me with theoretical and practical knowledge that will assist me excel as a medical dispenser and administrator. The skills will also assist in evaluating the social structures and learn how to accommodate them within the practice environment. This will enhance my comfort level and will assist me develop confidence and the basic skills required in clinical practice. This will give me the go-ahead to evaluate my skills and knowledge in a conducive and resourceful environment for people of all cultures.

My clinical practice expertise will assist me in propagating a culture of acquiring and appreciating the norms and beliefs of people from various backgrounds in the organizational environment. Having an understanding of the ethical and moral beliefs of the people in the society will make the people change their attitudes and perceptions towards the services that are delivered in the health care environment. This is also one of the strategies of understanding the ever-changing needs of the health care consumers from various cultural backgrounds. The appreciation of the norms and values of people from numerous backgrounds while promoting advanced clinical practice initiatives is on of the most practical and realistic ways of improving the quality of healthcare services. Therefore, acquiring a BSN degree in your institution will form a critical construct of my initiatives aimed at propagating a culturally competent environment for all experts.