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Nursing Education

Continuing Education in Nursing

I have been working as a nurse for some time now. Selecting this field of professional development always seem like a natural choice for the kind of personality I am and I have always enjoyed doing what I do but at the time when I started working as a nurse...

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Community Teaching Plan

It is the mandate of the nurses to care for the patient, their family, and the community at large. As a result, there is an increase in the community-based care which centers on patients and their families. In addition, there is community-focused nursing care which takes the community as the...

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Practical Nursing Education

As the health status of human beings is undergoing massive evolution, nursing education should also embrace diversity in various practical perspectives (Health Foundation, August 2012). This will assist in addressing various disparities in nursing practice while giving the profession the importance it requires in dignifying human health. The article ‘Using...

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How Nurses Can Contribute to Nursing Scholarship

A review of scholarship and scholarly activity in nursing practice is provided. Scholarship includes the Scholarship is defined and applied to practice, and scholarly activity is distinguished from scholarship in practice. The ways that Advance Practice Nurses and Nurse Specialists can engage in nursing scholarship is reviewed. Scholarship is sometimes...

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Theory Practice Gap

The relationship between theory and practice is often divided in the nursing profession and requires a continuous level of growth and development in order to effectively manage the needs of the client base and improve the practice environment. The ability to bridge this gap is an important step in the...

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