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Nursing Education

Nursing Educator: Curriculum Development

Regardless of the discipline or subject which they represent, curricula are complex constructs which exist in order to make sure that a student’s educational experience contains exposure to and engagement with content as well as assessment of the student’s level of comprehension. Nursing education is no different, and like curricula...

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Roles of Nurses: School Perspective

The role of a nurse is crucially significant, especially in school, since the health of children and youth is in absolute priority of government policy. The school nurse contributes to management of chronic health conditions of students during the school day (AAP, 2008). Service of the school nurse is not...

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Nurse Educator

In a qualitative study that sought to understand the effect that nurses have on the motivation of nursing students, Nasrin, Soroor, & Soodabeh (2012) found observing nurses as role models played a role in student motivation within the clinical setting. Through semi-structured and interactive interviewing of nursing students and their...

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Sociology and Nursing

As a nursing student, I know that I am going to be interacting with people of all backgrounds. I will be handling patients of all ethnicities, genders, sexualities, and mentalities. It is important for me to have the social skills to personally get to know each and every one of...

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Educational Opportunities for All Nurses

Sure enough, 20th century nurses were exposed to entirely different educational opportunities when compared to today’s nursing education systems. With the rise of 21th century technologies, the way people are treated has changed. Despite the fact that opportunities for nurses to improve their patient education skills were lacking throughout the...

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Patient Education Flyer

Product Description: St. John’s WortSt. John’s wort is an herbal product that may be used as an alternative medicine to treat a wide range of health conditions. The scientific name for the yellow-flowered plant known as St. John’s wort is Hypericum perforatum (NIH, 2016). It has been used by people...

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Educational Programs Available for Professional Nurse Education

Nursing is both science and art. Professional nurses learn to deliver care with art, respect, care, and compassion for each of their patients. According to Ó-Lúanaigh (2015), nurses consider the personhood and dignity of the patient, as well. Being that it is also a science, nursing practice bases its framework...

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Educational Preparation

Education remains the foundational component of professional and practice preparation for advanced nurse practitioners. Dozens of programs are currently available to applicants who want to become nurses. However, while some of them pursue an associate degree in nursing, others choose to enter a bachelor-degree program. Differences in competencies between ADN-...

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Recovery Group Concepts and Methods

Alcoholics Anonymous is the earliest incarnation of the 12-step group, developed by two people – “Dr. Bob” and “Bill W” – in the 1930s. It was originally part of the Oxford Group, but by 1940 it had established its own niche in the alcoholism recovery community. Over time, the AA...

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Nursing Education

Recent researchers have revealed that nursing education along with qualified care practices is designed in such a manner that secures a well-informed and educated workforce based on the dynamics, as well as, the challenges associated with the modern day world healthcare system. Nursing education, according to nursing researchers, approaches the...

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The New Charge Nurse and Listening

Sally Besnick is a newly promoted charge nurse with a BSN degree. The nurses she supervises all have A.A. degrees in nursing, considered a lower level degree. This could make for strained relations between a charge nurse and those she supervises due to a sense of superiority. However, in this...

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NUR 38800 M4 Assignment Small Group Observations/Paper/Discussion Board FAQs

What types of groups do I need to observe? You need to observe two group meetings – professional or agency and family/patient-centered- support. These two observations must be related to nursing practice and cannot be municipal community meetings, i.e. town meeting. The groups must be administered/facilitated by a healthcare professional....

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Nursing Theory

Theories in the field of nursing profession can be defined as sets of concepts or models, and they are attained through deducting and inductive reasoning processes (Alligood, 2013; Fawcett & Desanto-Madeya, 2012). In the context of the nursing process, nursing theories are essential since they act as the platforms or...

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Nursing Theories: Article Summary

Article: Ramesh, N., & John, D. (2015). Does investing in professional development coaching for nurses help contribute to their better functioning in the hospital?. National Journal of Community Medicine, 6(3), 379-384. Summary In India, there are insignificant numbers of published studies that evaluate the types of nurses’ professional development within...

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Germ Theory

Abstract This paper discusses Germ Theory and its application to nursing practice. It examines two specific case studies from current research to show how Germ Theory informs theory-led practice in both routine aspects of everyday care, and in the specialised circumstances of medical crises. Germ Theory can be considered one...

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Response 1 to Colleague

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about role transitions and the significance of our Practicum Experience. I have to admit that you have voiced many of the concerns facing nurses as they transition to new career roles and professional positions. You are absolutely right when you say that moving up...

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Quality Safety and Education for Nurses

The QSEN initiative (Quality and Safety Education for Nurses) was established to answer the medical institute’s trio of reports that stress the importance of enhancing safety and quality of healthcare in America. The initiative has six competencies that include evidence-based practice, patient-centered care, and safety. In addition, the program has...

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The Impact of Adopting New Technology Systems on Nurses

This assignment will explore a hypothetical situation in which I will assume the role of a nurse facilitator in a hospital in upstate New York. I will be introducing a new electronic health records system, and I will analyze the best approach(es) in order to prepare the nurses for this...

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Gerontological Advanced Practice Nursing

Around the world, healthcare settings are typified by many categories of nursing professionals that receive specialized education and training to improve the health outcomes of patients. However, it is critical to note that various nursing professionals work in conjunction with other practitioners in the settings to address health issues from...

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Theoretical Frameworks in Nursing Studies

The purpose of the summarized study was to evaluate the association between diet and physical activities as weight loss techniques, independently and jointly with weight alterations in adolescents and young adults. Subjects were 4456 female teenagers and young adults between the ages of 13 and23. Weight loss techniques Self-Reported in...

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