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Nursing Leadership

Prominent Public Health Leaders

The field of healthcare, and more importantly the Public Health sector, is one which has enjoyed a lot of dominance when it comes to priorities of governments and organizations. It is a sensitive area of the human life, and that may be the foundation for the continued dominance. Over time,...

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Leadership In Nursing Summary

Change is important in any organization in the corporate environment. However, for a successful implementation of change in a company or an organization, it is important that procedures are laid down accordingly. These procedures often need good leadership which helps in collaborating and communicating with the necessary persons in charge...

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Leadership in Healthcare

Two of the primary aims of leadership in healthcare are improving patient outcomes and increasing nursing satisfaction. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to improve clinical nurse autonomy, giving nurses more control over nursing practice (Weston, 2010). Nurses that have the ability and the freedom to...

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Nursing Leadership Health Policy Paper

Medicare is one of the biggest providers of healthcare funding in the United States, and covers around half the health costs of almost 60 million people (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee, 2013). Despite this, the original 1965 Medicare legislation contains anti-discrimination text that means that often, the nuances of health conditions...

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Organizational Systems

The national standards that are used to evaluate nursing-sensitive care were endorsed in 2004 by the National Quality forum (Gallagher & Rowell, 2003). The American Nursing Association arrived at a set of nursing-sensitive indicators after conducting a survey to evaluate the relationship between quality care and nurse staffing (Gallagher &...

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Nurses as Leaders in Healthcare Reform

A research priority for transforming nursing leadership is identifying the personal and professional characteristics most critical to leadership in health care organizations. One way this priority can be addressed is by examining the literature on nursing leadership and its relationship to patient outcomes. Although an abundance of research exists on...

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Ethical Dilemmas For Nurse Leaders

What are the sources of ethical dilemmas for nurse leaders? Ethical dilemmas among nurse leaders may arise from various sources such as how the nurse leader reacts to a situation, the environment’s complexity, the duration and continuation of the distress-causing situation and the characteristics of the situation and nurse leader...

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Combining Nurse Leadership with Advocacy

My nursing responsibilities for the past seven years are as a nurse on a cardiac floor. In considering how the leadership skills I have acquired in this program will translate to an overall advocacy in my workplace and establish guidelines for my future career, I have undertaken some serious reflection....

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Competences Of A Master’s Prepared Nurse Leader

One of the toughest decisions that everyone faces is what career to choose. It takes a lot of time, energy and soul searching to find the perfect career choice. There are several reasons for choosing a career including financial security, fame and fortune. However, one of the best and most...

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Leadership Style in Nursing

The appropriate leadership style to use in a healthcare setting depends on the characteristics of the individual worker. The most effective leadership style depends on their competence, their level of education, their training, experience, motivation, and personal factors. Using the appropriate leadership style is associate with higher levels of nurse...

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Magnetic Designation And The Development Of Nursing Leadership In An Organization

The topic under debate in this paper is magnetic designation and the development of nursing leadership in an organization. In particular, this paper will focus on how magnetic designation and nursing leadership inspires a greater level of care and training for nurses who are less experienced and qualified. It also...

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Betty Newman Theory

Betty Newman theory is also known as the Newman Systems Model. It is a nursing theory that focuses on an individual’s relationship and response to stressors and stress (Newman Fawcett, 2011). Derived from general system theory, Newman Systems Model assumes that client is an open system reacting to internal and...

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Nurse Leadership

Presented with the case of Cindy Jennings and how to best address it, it seems that the first step should be the nurse manager's attention to Justin McDonald's own failures as the charge nurse. If Justin is to continue on in this role, it is essential that he understand how...

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Incivility in the Nursing Workplace

Nurses want to practice the best possible medicine so that their patients can have the best possible outcomes. Doctors, nurses, and patients all have anecdotal claims regarding what constitutes the best in medical practice. However, for the best outcomes, nursing practice must be evidence based. Therefore, topics of interest have...

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Combining the Roles of Nurse Leader and Patient Advocate

My passion for the medical field lead me to my career path to become a nurse. While initially unable to decide whether I wanted to become a nurse or a doctor, when I observed how much doctors depend on the observations and assessments of nurses it was clear that nursing...

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Leadership Health Policy

Nurses come to the profession with a strong orientation to meet the health needs of patients. In the meantime, they assume greater responsibility in managing the policy landscape. According to the National Association of Neonatal Nurses (n.d.), nurses engage in policymaking and advocacy on an everyday basis, since they act...

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Nursing Intellectual Capital Theory

The nursing intellectual theory was brought forth to help in the area of inquiry in the health industry. The theory abstracts the knowledge of the nurses available within an organization (Covell & Sidani, 2013). It allocates the relationship of this knowledge to patients and organization outcomes. Nurse intellectual capital is...

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Professional Practice Models in Nursing Leadership

Respect for nursing as a profession has made great strides in the last several decades, with more progress to be made in the future. Professional practice models allow nurses to take charge of their careers in ways that enhance work-related self esteem, career satisfaction, and most importantly, patient outcomes. Given...

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Leadership and the Graduate Nursing Role

IntroductionLeadership is part of the innovation in healthcare represented by advanced practice nursing which includes new roles for graduate level nurses. Per the question, there are four areas of focus for the nursing profession, that being the clinical practice, health policy and systems. What is required in order to take...

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Business Skills for Nurse Leaders

Differential advantage refers to the profits and benefits that customers value and assume that they cannot find them from another supplier or person. From nursing approach, this refers to the knowledge, skills and capabilities that client value and making a nurse highly appreciated and acknowledged (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter, 2012)....

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