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Nursing Leadership

Transforming Leadership in a Complex Adaptive System

The nursing profession has lagged behind others in the health sector because of limited involvement in the policymaking process. Consequently, nurses have assumed a second-best position to physicians. They are demoralized from pursuing higher education and training because of the limited appreciation of their input in the health sector. Therefore,...

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Leadership Advocacy Challenges In Maternal and Child Health

A nation’s ability to provide quality maternal and child health care services is a basic indicator of the overall development in public and community health wellbeing. Maternal and child health is concerned with all the major aspects of a properly functioning health care system including quality of life and rights...

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Prominent Public Health Leaders

The field of healthcare, and more importantly the Public Health sector, is one which has enjoyed a lot of dominance when it comes to priorities of governments and organizations. It is a sensitive area of the human life, and that may be the foundation for the continued dominance. Over time,...

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Leadership In Nursing Summary

Change is important in any organization in the corporate environment. However, for a successful implementation of change in a company or an organization, it is important that procedures are laid down accordingly. These procedures often need good leadership which helps in collaborating and communicating with the necessary persons in charge...

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Leadership in Healthcare

Two of the primary aims of leadership in healthcare are improving patient outcomes and increasing nursing satisfaction. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to improve clinical nurse autonomy, giving nurses more control over nursing practice (Weston, 2010). Nurses that have the ability and the freedom to...

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