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Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership Health Policy Paper

Medicare is one of the biggest providers of healthcare funding in the United States, and covers around half the health costs of almost 60 million people (Mason, Leavitt, & Chaffee, 2013). Despite this, the original 1965 Medicare legislation contains anti-discrimination text that means that often, the nuances of health conditions...

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Organizational Systems

The national standards that are used to evaluate nursing-sensitive care were endorsed in 2004 by the National Quality forum (Gallagher & Rowell, 2003). The American Nursing Association arrived at a set of nursing-sensitive indicators after conducting a survey to evaluate the relationship between quality care and nurse staffing (Gallagher &...

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Nurses as Leaders in Healthcare Reform

A research priority for transforming nursing leadership is identifying the personal and professional characteristics most critical to leadership in health care organizations. One way this priority can be addressed is by examining the literature on nursing leadership and its relationship to patient outcomes. Although an abundance of research exists on...

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Ethical Dilemmas For Nurse Leaders

What are the sources of ethical dilemmas for nurse leaders? Ethical dilemmas among nurse leaders may arise from various sources such as how the nurse leader reacts to a situation, the environment’s complexity, the duration and continuation of the distress-causing situation and the characteristics of the situation and nurse leader...

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Combining Nurse Leadership with Advocacy

My nursing responsibilities for the past seven years are as a nurse on a cardiac floor. In considering how the leadership skills I have acquired in this program will translate to an overall advocacy in my workplace and establish guidelines for my future career, I have undertaken some serious reflection....

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