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Nursing Leadership

Leadership and the Graduate Nursing Role

IntroductionLeadership is part of the innovation in healthcare represented by advanced practice nursing which includes new roles for graduate level nurses. Per the question, there are four areas of focus for the nursing profession, that being the clinical practice, health policy and systems. What is required in order to take...

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Business Skills for Nurse Leaders

Differential advantage refers to the profits and benefits that customers value and assume that they cannot find them from another supplier or person. From nursing approach, this refers to the knowledge, skills and capabilities that client value and making a nurse highly appreciated and acknowledged (Swayne, Duncan & Ginter, 2012)....

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Transformational Leadership in Nursing

1) The nursing leader in question demonstrates a high level of communication in public speaking and in addressing nursing staff members, in addition to representing nurses throughout the organization to other executive leaders. Furthermore, the nurse executive has established relationships with many of the nursing core managers, whom she relies...

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Leadership in Nursing

Throughout the last decade, nursing literature has established a link between the profession and leadership. However, more often than not the nurses are promoted to leadership positions due to their technical skills and not because of their leadership capabilities (Denker, 2014); this calls for a change of the nursing leadership...

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