My goals in the next 1 to 5 years involve studying extremely hard to complete my Masters degree in Clinical Leadership in Healthcare Management, and then moving on to my DNP/FNP so that I can work as a nurse practitioner in a hospital or hospice. I am aiming to attain a first class degree and a wealth of knowledge that will allow me to be highly proficient in my future work. To date, I have worked for 6 months as a dialysis nurse, and at the present time I am very involved in the dynamic Clinical Leadership program, an am learning about various health care perspectives and the intricate business environment in which I will one day practice. I am doing a great deal of work and self study on various business functions that affect clinical practice management. These include: finance and economics, marketing, and human resources, as well asleadership strategies within the health care delivery scheme, current trends and issues, and research methods. The major approaches that I am employing involve proposal and planning development, strategic planning, and case studies.

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I would like to work at the VA Palo Alto Health Care System because helping our wonderful veterans who have laid their lives down for our country is very important to me, and I think that they should be afforded the best care and attention that is available. I would like to do something altruistic and worthwhile in my life, and I know that by helping the veterans with their challenges, I can fulfill that goal. I have worked in the nursing field since 2007, and have been employed by Kaiser Santa Clara for 15 years; I am an excellent team player and leader, and wholeheartedly believe that I will be able to make a worthwhile contribution to the VA Palo Alto’s outstanding interdisciplinary team.