I have been working in the ER Department at the same hospital for 27 years during which time I have continuously proven myself to be a dedicated professional that doesn’t only serve the best interests of the patients but also works closely with different stakeholders including co-workers and hospital administration. I have personal witnessed the tremendous progress that has taken place in the healthcare sector and as a nursing professional I believe patients deserve nothing but the best care. This philosophy has inspired me to pursue my undergraduate education in nursing because it will enable me to provide even better care to my patients.
My professional career has not only helped me develop technical skills but also soft skills such as teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. But one cannot overstate the importance of continuous formal education. This is why I have decided to return to college because it will introduce me to the latest theories and ideas that have been shaping the nursing and the healthcare system in general. In addition, nurses are working more closely with other stakeholders to improve care as well as operating efficiency and I hope I will be introduced to non-nursing knowledge also that is essential for success in the profession.

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After continuously working for 27 years, it is not an easy decision to take a break from work, especially when you have a family. But I am convinced the long term benefits of BSN will far outweigh the costs and it will ensure I provide the care to my patients that they deserve and have come to expect from me. This scholarship will not only ease the financial burden due to taking break from work but will also inspire me to be even more committed to my studies. I see this scholarship is not only an investment in me but also the society because I will be able to focus better on my studies which will eventually benefit the society.